A Leonard Cohen Day!

I’m enjoying sorting out some of my favourite tracks by some of the greats who have influenced me – First Roy Harper, Nick Harper and Bob Dylan – Now time for the great Len!!

It was such a shame that he finally bowed out last year. But he went out at the top. The last album was brilliant. Those last concerts of his were incredibly memorable. The plethora of songs and great musicianship of his backing group and singers. Most of all there was his great voice and personality. I miss him greatly.

This is another man who brought poetry and depth to Rock Music. He makes you think. Some many people find his work gloomy. I don’t. I adore his sense of humour. His songs have gravitas and his subject matter, like that of Dylan and Harper, gives you something to get your teeth into.

I’m busy this aft with a house warming for our immediate neighbours! So I’ll get to when I have a moment or two!

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