Roy Harper – the Hirsute Beatnik

A complex, intelligent man and social observer!

Opher's World

Roy was never really a hippie despite all the long hair and sixties scene. Roy was a Beatnik.

His early influences were Jazz and Beat Poetry. He was taken with Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg.

His first foray into performance was as a Jazz poet. He later went into busking of folk-blues on guitar and then had the inspiration to combine the poetry with the guitar. You can hear the Jazz and poetry in all his songs. It gives them a different structure and complexity.

You can see the Beat influence in Roy’s appearance. He loves crafting hair almost as much as music. He has that Beat/Jazz flamboyance!


I was over in Ireland with Roy when William Burroughs died. I mentioned that I had just read a good obituary and he got me to dig it up out of the garbage so he could read it.

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