Roy Harper – McGoohan’s Blues – a song of great social observation, venom and brilliance.

Just what I need – a bit of caustic vitriol and social comment!

Opher's World

One of the best songs ever written.

Roy doesn’t do many two and a half minute singles. At his best he does great epic songs of twenty minutes. He needs all of that to get the scope necessary to vent his spleen at all the stupidities we are surrounded with.

McGoohan’s was one of the best. It was based on the Prisoner Series featuring Patrick McGoohan. It hit out at religion, society, the establishment and all the stupidities.

If ever we needed someone to illustrate mankind’s greed and violence we need them now. The world’s a mess.

Maybe Roy and Bob Dylan will emerge to lead us to a better future. I eagerly await the next epic. Roy’s a genius and the best songwriter Britain has produced.

Listen to the track and follow on with the lyrics – then go and buy the albums (I suggest Folkjokeopus, Stomcock, Bullinamingvase, HQ and…

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