Proud of Hull!!! Hull City of Culture – Light Show Victoria Square. Some photos.

Fabulous!! Great!! Stunning!!

And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here!

The organisers made great use of the public buildings in Victoria Square to give a brilliant Light Show that showed off the best of Hull and brought tears to the eyes.

It featured all the Hull Heroes from Amy Johnson to Dean Windass. The Blitz, fishing and sport all played out to a great music soundtrack with Bowie, Red Guitars and Roland Gift!! Fabulous!!

Here’s a few photos of City Hall:


p1160178-2 p1160185-2 p1160186-2 p1160181-2 p1160178-2


8 thoughts on “Proud of Hull!!! Hull City of Culture – Light Show Victoria Square. Some photos.

  1. Ha! I know that you have quite specifically said before that you didn’t like the music of Bowie.
    Now it’s great? What happened?

      1. That’s the acid test – if works for you in that sort of environment, it should anywhere.
        But you’ve done yourself a great disservice by not knowing about his stuff. His stuff blows away into smithereens everything and everything again.
        If you think Beefheart was innovative, you’ve never heard 1. Outside or Earthling. The ‘Leon Tapes’ that he wasn’t permitted to release are indescribable. They make Beefheart sound like radio family favourites The New Seekers.

    1. They’re both about 20 years ago. Where have you been hiding?
      I don’t believe you saying you have thousands of records.
      What are they? As you only ever talk about 3 people!
      Plus the cost of that many records in the first place, pretty incredible with 4 kids, mortgage, bills, car etc, etc.
      I don’t believe you! You’re a liar!

      I’m gonna put your claims to the test with some really pesky and testing questions, like pressing plant markers and matrix numbers. Stuff that real serious collectors have to know.
      Only then will I perhaps believe such wild claims.

      1. I don’t go in for serious collecting with bollock like matrix numbers. I buy what I like – not what is collectable or popular or worth money. I’ve been collecting since I was eleven. I used to have over seven thousand vinyl but foolishly dumped five thousand in order to afford a load of CD box sets to get to hear stuff that was previously unavailable.
        When I get sorted I’ll take photos. But that’ll be in the summer.
        Failing that check out the post I did on my previous house. I believe there’s a photo or two of my room with my CDs, Vinyl and books. A few more than 3 people.

      2. That’s not the point of whether or not you go in for it.
        It’s proof of a claim. I’ve come across loads of folk that say they’ve got this and that. So I test them – and you know what? Silence! Not another word from them about it.

        Now, I know what 2nd hand record stock looks like, and some. No shop in it’s right mind sells off good conditioned albums at cheap prices – except for stuff that was bought in the millions during the 80s, like Police, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Simply Red, Simple Minds, all mainstream rubbish which unbelievably people do buy. Usually foreign students without a clue. They’ll buy anything cheesy.
        With the what’s considered quality albums, what you do get cheap are damaged goods. Scratched, dirty, greasy, badly marked, played to death and worn out almost past it.
        I’ve graded so many thousands of records that I just need to look at one for 3 seconds to know its condition. I’m not joking when I say I had a 99.2% satisfaction rate having sold 12,000 albums online. So I know a dud when I see one.
        If there wasn’t a market for them, I’d have binned them. But some sorry punters would buy armfuls of this clapped out rubbish, week in – week out. God knows what they were playing them on. I’d much rather buy one very good one, than 5 spoiled, all clicking and ticking away all the way through. A horrible experience to my ears.
        That stuff never got near my turn table as they’ll more than likely wreck my stylus. Bearing in mind that it just takes one bad record to wreck a collection.
        I viewed so many so-called ‘collections’ that were hammered, not worth even looking through. I reckon we only bought from one collection out of every five we viewed.
        In 4 years, I only took home about 300 almost new albums that I actually liked. They would be thoroughly washed before they hit my deck. I must have heard thousands, all in great condition, but musically they were pretty awful. Then there’s the pressing quality issues. Or playing time – where over 45 minutes in length they sound compressed like an mp3, devoid of any depth, separation, stereo image, clarity, you name it.
        Hence, why I’m sceptical when someone tells me they have x amount thousands of albums. I just know they’ve spent a lifetime raiding the shit bins. They ain’t got nuffin’ but an aural abortion on their shelves.

      3. Bit of a range on mine! All the stuff I’ve collected and played over the last fifty years (apart from the stuff nicked, leant, Mum gave away when I was at college, lost, or sadly sold). Some of it has been played to death and other stuff is pristine. A lot was collected when I did my history of Rock Course and some hasn’t been played!

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