Proud of Hull!!! – Hull City of Culture Light Show – The Deep!

I went along to Hull yesterday to see the Light Show put on for the Hull City of Culture. The guys had done a brilliant job! They did the city proud!!

Here’s a few photos from the light show at the Pier on the Deep!

It had a great theme of Departures and Arrivals that showed how Hull, through the ages, has been connected to the world. A great proud port!! None of this xenophobic rubbish. It showed the enrichment, commerce and prosperity!

p1160122 The crowds walking between sites with the Deep in the distance. It was packed!!

p1160124 On the pier by the Humber.

p1160127 p1160126 p1160139-2

A fabulous show with Hull, a huge port and city, reaching out to the rest of the world – a hub of cosmopolitan trade, exchanging people and goods with the whole world. p1160143-2 p1160142-2 p1160149-2 p1160151-2 p1160153-2 p1160155-2 p1160158-2 p1160166-2

The space shuttle taking off into the future!! A bright one for a rejunenated Hull – At Long Last!!!

p1160171-2Walking back past the Marina and St Stephens!


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