You could feel the electricity!! We are Hull!! The gateway to the fabulous East Riding – the cliffs of the North Sea – Bempton Bird Sanctuary, The wonderful Wolds with the rolling hills made famous by Hockney, Seaside resorts like the rejuvenated Bridlington, The Yorkshire Moors and on to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby!!


The Best Countryside on Earth!!

p1160200-2 p1160204-2 p1160214-2

City Hall and the Ferens Art Gallery Lit up like never before! p1160224-2



We’ve been deprived and down but we are on the up!! p1160237-2

Incredible scenes play out on the Ferens Art Gallery. p1160251-2 p1160262-2

Huge crowds roaring with pleasure. Those from Hull full of pride! p1160265-2

And off at the end down Whitefriargate!!


Hull – The City of Culture!!!  What a night!!!

The only fly in the ointment is the lamentable Hull City Council. There are still road-works and open sites, lots of construction sites!! It all should have been finished in time! They should have pulled out all the stops! This was Hulls big chance to shine and they have let us down again!!

The New Theatre closed!! It is a joke!!

Hull is brilliant! We had a SUPERB display! Why oh why don’t the council get themselves sorted out?

20 thoughts on “PROUD OF HULL!!!! CITY OF CULTURE!!! More Photos!!

  1. And a massive and extremely dangerous, rotting with concrete cancer nuclear power station just down the road, too. You lucky people!

      1. There are, but they’re in superb condition, not rotting to bits with shit seeping out them, having to be sealed off for several hundred years.

      2. If only they had done things properly and not lied about it all the nuclear industry would be in a better place! Windscale meltdown cost thousands of lives but nobody will ever know. It was hushed up. The milk was sold to schools and kids and the cancers produced glossed over. They simply changed the name to Sellafield.
        My daughter’s father in law was a big guy in Sellafield. He says that we can solve the country’s energy crisis by putting low grade nuclear waste into vitrified discs and placing a disc in every water cylinder. They emit enough heat to warm the water at no cost. The radiation they emit would be completed blanketed by the water and walls of the cylinder. According to him a piece of cardboard is sufficient to stop radiation escaping!
        If the whole industry had not messed up through their deceitful cover-ups we would probably be doing that!

      3. So that’s why councils collect cardboard in separate bins.
        They’re making us all cardboard suits and hats to wear come the big melt down, aren’t they? Huh, and they thought they had us fooled, too.

      4. I think it is only effective against the low-level Beta rays but that hasn’t stopped me ordering one of those cardboard suits. Apart from anything else I reckon they will look quite snazzy!

      1. Yes, I’ve seen a few, but I shall investigate more.
        Ps. Nice to hear you mention Bempton cliff, it really is a beautiful place; I’ve spent many a peaceful day there.

      2. When the gannets are hovering in the wind alongside you, within reach, with their yellow heads and huge wings, it is magical. With towering cliffs and puffins in their nooks like tiny avian hobbits, it is fantasy.

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