Hull – In the Top Ten World Cities to visit in 2016!!!

Thought it was only fitting to put this out again!

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Well what do you know!!  The City of Hull in Yorkshire has been voted in Rough Guides as one of the top ten cities to visit in 2010.

It was cited for its ‘atmospheric old-timey pubs, eight excellent museums and picturesque Old Town with cobbled streets’.

The list of the top ten cities:

  1. Reykjavik – Iceland
  2. Mexico City – Mexico
  3. Seoul – South Korea
  4. Ljubljana – Slovenia
  5. Wroclaw – Poland
  6. Nashville – USA
  7. Amsterdam – Netherlands
  8. Hull – England
  9. Vancouver – Canada
  10. Agra – India

Kingston Upon Hull has a rich history. It was a beautiful and prosperous medieval city with majestic city walls. It was one of the three biggest ports in Britain bringing prosperity and cosmopolitan flavour to the area. It was then a major centre of industry and fishing.

Unfortunately all that went along with the city walls. It was the third most bombed city in the Second…

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18 thoughts on “Hull – In the Top Ten World Cities to visit in 2016!!!

      1. The criteria? Obviously it’s ‘most bombed cities’ and what qualifies a most bombed city. There’s only one set of official records of WW2 bombing stats. Plus the fact that the Luftwaffe were ever so helpful in maintaining very careful and accurately detailed flight logs of all their missions.
        So it wasn’t too difficult to work out numbers of raids, estimated numbers of bombs dropped, collateral damage, numbers killed, etc.

        Where did you get your info?

      2. A bomb is a bomb, whether it explodes into shrapnel or flames.
        I think you need to research the official war records.
        Your council wankers can barely organise to sweep the streets never mind details of stuff 70 years ago.

      3. They must be in cahoots with my long gone mother-in-law. But whether it was third, fifth, second or first is immaterial. It was bombed to smithereens and so much of its wonderful historic past was destroyed. We are fortunate to have any left. I’ve seen the video evidence. It was appalling. That war was terrible.

      4. Realistically, although I can’t speak for Hull, as that damage was evident because the city is so small, the damage to other cities wasn’t just the WW2 bombing, but the absolute lunacy of city councils rejuvenation programmes during the 1960s. They always did stuff on the cheap, where they’d mow through a city, knocking down everything in order to build road access routes, rather than taking them underground. And these people had the audacity to call themselves Architects.
        There’s a school of thought that determines these councils did more damage to cities than the Luftwaffe ever did.

        On your other post on this you will see my posts giving a total bombing table and numbers killed. Relatively few were killed in Hull.

        Also the claim above that it was the 3rd biggest port in Britain is true, except only for a few decades in the late 17th century. By the 18th century it wasn’t as it was too small and subject to loads of mud washing up from the estuary, meanwhile other ports expanded.

      5. That is so true regarding town planning after the war. So much flung up hurriedly with such poor quality and lack of thought. Some people should have been shot. There was a real chance for a well thought through redevelopment programme. Some really sloppy thinking and poor architecture. Perhaps all the good architects were killed in the war? Probably bombed in Hull.

      6. You can firmly put the blame on Harold Wilson and Co.
        They pretty much ripped the shit out the country with destruction of buildings and closure of railways.

      7. Beeching was the most stupidly destructive person in the country. He ripped the infrastructure out of the railways and we are still suffering!

      8. Well he only did what he was paid to do. The government people needn’t have passed it all. It wasn’t his decision, but recommendation. There’s a difference.

  1. Wow, I’m really surprised Hull is on the list. I think it’s a great place; I used to go busking there all the time. But most people I’ve met have always thought it a bit of a dive.

    1. Yes I know. It has a reputation but in fact there is a tremendous amount of good stuff coming out of Hull! I’m glad it got City of Culture. It has been neglected too long!

      1. Hull have been neglected far too long. It is about time it was recognised instead of castigated. There is a lot going for it and a lot happeing that is worthwhile. It needs a boost to awaken its pride. It has suffered from a lack of funding and loss of major industries. But it is bouncing back. There is some great stuff. It thoroughly deserved it. You’re only jealous!

      2. Hardly jealous. Glasgow got that award in 1990, 27 years ago. Count `em Opher, 1,2,3,….27.
        So your guys managed to paint the post box. Well done!

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