Blame The Vagina For Our Ignorance.

The problems associated with birth are just one of many problems associated with the human body. This was a great post.


Intelligence has a limit, much like a cup of tea. It can be filled to the brim but pass that and it will spill its delicious contents on the table. It can only hold so much. You cannot make the cup larger, so you are stuck with that capacity.  You are born with this “cup”.

The brain is composed of approximately 100 billion neurons but weighs only 3 pounds. A lot is crammed into this small organ. Your entire ability to emerge from consciousness stems from the matter that is compressed within the confines of your skull.  Everything that is you, minus your interactions with reality is comprised of that very organ.

Earlier I stated, “You’re born with this cup”.  That is not entirely accurate.  You were created with that cup, your cranium.  The extremities of your skull are the limits of your mind.  The intelligence you have does, in…

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4 thoughts on “Blame The Vagina For Our Ignorance.

  1. I think there’s more to it than that.
    We already know that we only use in general about 10% of our brain capacity.
    We also know the reasons why – the limitations employed by society in general.
    Hence, the term “thinking out of the box.”
    We know its possible to engage areas of our brain that we generally don’t.
    Those who have indulged with Mescalin and LSD will know this.
    But, ssshhh, don’t tell them, or they’ll all want some!

    1. That idea that we only use 10% of our brains is a myth that was disproved long ago. New imaging techniques show that we use it all. Some use it better than other – practice makes perfect. The brain is very flexible and will develop in line with what you do. The stimulated areas grow.
      What dictates how good a brain is is size, number of neurones and the dendritic connections between them. A large brain with plenty of deep sulci (folds), a thick layer of grey matter (cells) and large number of connections (dendrites) along with a good vascular system to deliver oxygen and food and remove waste, will function well. Size is a restriction on function.
      As you suggest LSD will create a mind expansion – probably as the result of altering brain chemistry and creating interactions and cross-overs between different centres. If it hadn’t been illegal I think it would have been fascinating to see where that took us. I’m not sure it would be any greater intelligence despite all the insight and apparent greater understanding. I imagine in the cold light of day it would likely be bullshit. But certainly in stimulating creativity and ideas there seems to be a positive function.

      1. There it is – I was too busy to pay attention.
        I should remember not to believe everything Einstein said.
        So why aren’t you using all of yours?

      2. I use bits of it from time to time. I’m planning on doing a bit more. But it is an effort.
        Much as I love the man Einstein was not always right and not much of a biologist

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