LEONARD COHEN – Brand New Track On His 82nd Birthday…

This sounds brilliant. Can’t wait for it to be released. I want it darker.



‘You Want It Darker’ by LEONARD COHEN


Today – 21 September 2016 – is the 82nd birthday of legendary, genial singer/songwriter LEONARD COHEN. A genuine artist of immense greatness throughout his outstanding career. And this very day he shares brand new track YOU WANT IT DARKER. Vintage Cohen. Moody and intriguing. Melancholic colored sadness that shines beautifully. The crucial line of the song says it all… “I’m ready, my Lord”

It’s the title track from his new, fourteenth album, out 21 October.

Tracklist :

You Want It Darker
On the Level
Leaving The Table
If I Didn’t Have Your Love
Traveling Light
It Seemed the Better Way
Steer Your Way
String Reprise/ Treaty

Artwork for the new album…


LEONARD COHEN: Website – Facebook

Happy birthday, genius…

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29 thoughts on “LEONARD COHEN – Brand New Track On His 82nd Birthday…

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        I should mention – subscription is free.

      2. I don’t find it sexy. I think it sounds abused for one thing, and like a smoker for another. I guess I think that of all singers who have gravely voices. As much as I ADORED Rod McKuen, his voice was like that, too. (:D Sorry, Anna.)

    1. “I’m Your Man : The Life Of Leonard Cohen”, published 2012, written by Sylvie Simmons, a long-time respected music journalist who has been around since the 70’s.

    2. I’ve got A Life in Art but I haven’t read it yet so I’m not sure what it’s like. I did read both his novels recently. They were OK but not as good as I remembered.

  1. And it may well be the last.
    It was reported that Leonard’s old girlfriend Marianne Ihlen, who he wrote “So Long, Marianne” for back in `66, died recently.
    He wrote to her in an Oslo hospital shortly before her death, saying, “Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.”

    1. Yeah, I read that too. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s failing, could just be that he knows he’s an old bugger and doesn’t have too long left. I thought that track sounded good. I wasn’t totally smitten with the last two.

      1. I’d rather reflect on his own words, rather than conjecture as that only dilutes the power and emotion of his words.

      1. Exactly what they say – his time is limited. As a lifelong drinker and smoker he will be falling to bits.
        His songs on his last 2 albums indicate this, in some it’s in black and white, clear as day.

      2. He’s done well to get into his eighties. Age does you in. He seemed pretty sprightly in his last concerts though. He looked and sounded good.

  2. Of course he has – a lot of people don’t get half his innings.
    But if you look closer there’s several key pointers within that letter extract.
    Know – close – stretch – reach. And considering this was a private letter I doubt very much given the circumstances that he would be engaging in any kind of mockery or undermining her predicament.
    At that age people can fold-up very quickly.

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