Book update.

thirty of my books are now available on Amazon. You might like to check out my Author page:

I have four others in the pipeline:

  1. Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years.  This is a book I have written with Nick’s collaboration. It is complete and away with a designer to be properly laid out. It is a companion book to the LPs the Wilderness Years – which is an introduction to an amazing singer/songwriter. If you haven’t heard him then check out his albums on Harperspace
  2. Roy Harper – Ruminating on Roy Harper. This book tells the story of Roy from the 1960s through my eyes. It is an interlocking story that reveals a lot about the man. The book is complete and fully edited. Roy has told me that he will write an introduction when he has finished his tour. Then it will be out!
  3. Zero to Infinity – A Sci-fi epic. I have just completed rewriting this 400 page novel. It was my second book written back in 1976 and it took a bit of rewriting. I like what has come out. I will leave it to ferment and then distill it into a second rewrite. It should be out before Christmas
  4. My 8th Poetry Book –They are not so much poems as diatribes against anything that takes my fancy in poetic disguise. Very far ranging. I am about a third of the way into this one.
  5. I have the skeleton of another Sci-fi book and am awaiting the time and energy to write it. I imagine I’ll get round to that in the new year

Happy days – KEEP ON WRITING!!!

If you would like to purchase all my books – check them out here:

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