Donald Trump says he will deport millions of people in his ‘first hour in office’ | The Independent

The reality of mass deportation is horrendous. It is so brutal -like Stalin, Hitler and the Jews.


Should the worst scenario occur and Trump does win the election and become President of America, then he will have a lot to learn, but unfortunately he appears not to be for learning.

He states that he would deport millions in his “first hour”, just how would he do that, for to do so, firstly he would have to have millions already in custody and have appropriate transport available. Then what would he do if Mexico refused these millions entry. The days of “gunship diplomacy” have long since gone and also no country today have the resources to do this. He speaks as though his word is law, as a dictator would and he is the one who will be obeyed, not only by America, but any country he himself deems should do so. This is ignorance to an extreme, for a country and other countries are not like companies…

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28 thoughts on “Donald Trump says he will deport millions of people in his ‘first hour in office’ | The Independent

      1. I think you are right. It tramples over all human rights. Horrendous. There is a due process to law. People have rights. They need to be recognised.

    1. It is so glib to come out with. It panders to all the fears of people about their jobs and xenophobia, terrorism, being swamped with immigrsants and the rest, but the reality is a different kettle of fish. What would he do? Break up families – arrest people? Put them in concentration camps? Round them up? Dump them over the border? Imagine. They are human beings with feelings. It is so brutal and callous. It is as if there is no humanity.
      There are no easy solutions to these huge problems. Too many people. Too much inequality. Too much desperation.

      1. The man is just plain crazy. And whether he gets elected or not (and I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance here in the hell that is the US right now), the question has become whether or not he’s done irreparable damage to this country by turning lose the hate and fear mongers. I almost feel like the aftermath of this election is going to be more horrifying than that of 9/11 in the long run.

      2. To a lesser extent that has happened here. The Brexit vote has given heart to that minority of racists to come out with their abuse. There has been a big increase in hate crime with people from ethnic minorities abused and threatened. A polish guy was kicked to death yesterday by a bunch of teenagers. All the right-wing nationalists think they have been given more freedom to do what they like. The government has lurched to the right – even talking about grammar schools. We’re seeing it all across Europe too with the rise of Nationalism and fascism. It’s the result of terrorism, austerity, poor pay, job losses and immigration. It’s created hopelessness, fear and a hatred of the establishment who represent big business but its given rise to xenophobia, hatred of immigrants and patriotic nationalism. Not a nice melting pot. Politicians like Trump and Johnson exploited it. The lies were believed by desperate people.

  1. true,i think behind all these problems we people are responsible. we always in search of a hand , a support to stand as if we are handicapped,and are unable to even support ourselves too. and so, people of america chosen trump ,they even don’t see what they are doing they are hating their friends and this is what a preson wants to break a family and rule over it.soon the day will come when we were talking on return of nazism done by 21st centurie’s Hitler i.e. Trump.

    1. They promise the earth and offer quick easy solutions. There are no easy solutions. They exploit the fears and generate hatred and violence. I’m appalled by the hatred and violence that is being generated at those Trump rallies. They are like bear-pits. They turned on some protester and beat and kicked the hell out of him while Trump yelled encouragement.

      1. we can’t do any thing for such kind of person. people like trump do not belong to the humans even not in animal’s category , they are nothing.because animals have feelings for others but they don’t.

      2. Well said. Kindness, tolerance and a helping hand, love a friendship – not xenophobia, racism and bigotry. The man is obnoxious.

  2. I do not believe that Trump is crazy, even though his actions and rhetoric appears to indicate so. He is a person who has been given everything by his grandfather and his father and he believes wealth gives him the freedom to do as he pleases and he assumes he has more power and knowledge than he actually possesses.

    He is unaware of the danger he is creating in his fanatical followers by unleashing their resentments and feeling of injustice. Once these feelings have been raised the outcomes for all will be unimaginable for years to come.

    1. I think that is spot on Chris. The trouble is that he is stirring up a hornets nest. The hatred is not going to dissipate. There is such a polarisation. It’s bad in Britain following Brexit but America is worse. I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve been seeing. He’s not crazy but he is coming out with some horrendous things.

    2. If he truly is unaware of the danger he’s creating, he’s not the person we want in a position to have to deal with other countries. I keep thinking about his plan to have a task force to round up illegal aliens. My daughter was adopted from India. Twice now she has been stopped with her kids (not by police, fortunately) in the park near her home five miles from DC and asked if she was the Nanny. It makes me horribly uncomfortable that people are asking her that. I can’t imagine what it would be like under a regime who outright has the authority to just stop people who look different and do God knows what with them. Trump scares me to death.

      1. And me. He panders to that populist agenda of xenophobia. When times are hard blame the foreigner or anyone who looks different. Stir up the hatred. We’ve seen it so many times. It’s exactly what they did here, to a lesser extent with the Brexit campaign, they used the fear of immigration and terrorism to stir up an isolationist policy. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
        I think Trump is enjoying the power he is getting out of stirring up the hatred. But that hatred will catch innocent people up and polarise the country. It is despicable. I think it is the worst I have ever witnessed.

    1. Let’s hope it doesn’t. But I think that too many people see through the stupidity of what he says. They are not so gullible. They know what would happen. The cost of building a three thousand mile long wall is ridiculous. How would they round up a million people? How would they identify them? Where would they put them? Where would they send them? It has real parallels to Hitler and the Jews. What would be the effect on the country if they tried? It would be death and riots. It is all said for effect. But in the process he is stirring up such hatred that it will come out somewhere.

      1. Well I like creepy-crawling – being an entomologist, but I agree with the analogy. There seems to be another strange amalgamation of weirdos and desperate people. The racist Ku Klux Klan, the gun lobby NRA, Tea Party nutters and various white supremacist groups are all there along with various other equally obnoxious people. There is a general disillusionment with politicians and the establishment. They feel that austerity only hits the poor and they have no-one to represent them. They are right. But supporting a total fascist isn’t the answer just as Brexit wasn’t. What happens is that you get even worse.

  3. Are all those that condemn Trump saying that Hillary Clinton is going to make a good President, or that they will Vote for her. She is a corrupt dangerous Woman and should have been arrested by now, but so far has managed to get away with it. Opinions on Trump fair enough, but it seems most keep their mouths tightly shut when it comes to Clinton.

    1. It would appear that people are reserving judgment about Clinton for two reasons. One, in seven different independent Republication investigations into any involvement on her part into Benghazi, they have had to conclude them all with nothing they found to incriminate her.
      And two, as much as they’ve bitched about her association with people who contributed to her and Bill’s foundation, her deleted emails show nothing indicating she ever gave any of those donors anything special privileges or considerations because of their money. In fact, the emails show it was mostly her aides, not her, who dealt with them. There were something like 157 visits from donors during her time as SoS, and she only personally met with 80 some of them. The media would have you believe she spent all her time with her “cronies.” Are they asking us to believe that in all the time she was SoS she ONLY saw 157 people? If we do believe that, we sure are a stupid bunch of sheeple.
      She wouldn’t be my choice for President either, but at this point it’s better the devil you know than the one you don’t. And I personally think Donald Trump does NOT have both oars in the water. I don’t want his men picking Stef up and throwing her in jail because she has dark skin. The man is bordering on Hitlerism…

    2. It is very sad that out of all the millions of people the system comes up with two who are both not good. But in the lesser of two evils stakes Clinton comes up way ahead.
      I don’t agree with all this propaganda that she should be locked up. There is absolutely no foundation to that. That is Trump coming out with that. What should she be locked up for? All the independent investigations have come up with nothing.
      Trump on the other hand is inciting violence, running the race and xenophobia cards and sounding like a first-rate fascist of the worst kind. The man is misogynist, racist and arrogant. All the Hitler jibes are not without foundation – a very dangerous man.
      Hilary ain’t perfect but she looks good in comparison. I just hope the American people get it right. That man is a populist, nationalist fascist.

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