The Clash – Opher’s World pays tribute to genius.

The Clash were a great band. They could have done a lot more!

Opher's World

If the Sex Pistols were the battering ram used to knock the doors down then the Clash were the style and substance. Where the Sex Pistols were brash the Clash were cool. Where the Sex Pistols were blatant the Clash were more subtle. They took the energy and vibe of Punk and used it to harness a philosophy of political and social change.

At the time they were described as the intelligentsia of Punk. I’m not sure about that. They didn’t always get it right. There was an element of lauding yobbish behaviour, bank robbery and crime as if it was all part of some planned rebellion against the establishment that would bring about social change. As far as I could see robbing banks was not a career path to encourage and it wasn’t a victimless crime. Putting that aside we do find the Clash taking a stance. Unlike some…

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8 thoughts on “The Clash – Opher’s World pays tribute to genius.

  1. I remember their bass player being something of a yob. He put me off them a bit at the beginning. It wasn’t until Sandinista! that I thought they made a decent listenable record anyway.
    When I hear their earlier stuff today, like 1977, White Man in Hammersmith etc, it’s pretty lousy really. Certainly a case of image over substance or ability, whereas the Pistols guys were great players and I thought their records hammered anything the Clash mustered.

    1. I thought Sandinista and London Calling were great albums. There were quite a lot of other good stuff on the others.
      From my perspective Punk started off more as a statement and attitude rather than great music – though Never Mind the Bollocks was brilliant!

  2. My ex-bro-in-law is Jonny Green [aka John Broad] and written wicked book called ‘A riot of our own’ about The Clash when he was their Road Manager and helped me cope with life and my sister in the Sixties. Saw him last year in Whitstable on a catch up session about my wicked sister! x

    1. Small world. Jonny is a good friend of my friend Roger Hudson who used to manage the Red Guitars. I saw him this year when I went to see John Cooper Clark in York.

      1. Yeah! He’s got a full size mural cartoon picture of JCC in his front porch and lived in York [via the University] for a while and took him to Lake District in an old red mini for a wild rock climbing holiday and came back alive; despite Dennis being airlifted to Anglesey hospital for over doing things! You going to see Sir Roy this year and Prince Nick? Might see you there bro! Take care x

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