The Dilemma for the Labour Party.

The Labour Party is in a dilemma.

The parliamentary party is overwhelmingly opposed to Jeremy Corbyn and his policies (vote of no confidence 172/40). The MPs are moderate watered down Tories.

The grassroots of the Labour Party are in favour of Jeremy (60/40).

The Trade Unions are in favour of Jeremy.

The wider electorate are lukewarm at best.

The media are extremely antagonistic.

The dilemma is whether to stick with Jeremy and his principles and find themselves unelectable or to drop Jeremy and move to the centre with the parliamentary MPs (watered down Tories) and become more electable.

My dilemma is this:

I support Jeremy and his policies

I cannot see how he can put together a credible cabinet with such little support from MPs.

I was unimpressed with his lacklustre performance during the referendum campaign

I do not think he manages the media well.

I do not see the charisma and leadership skills that are needed.

I desperately want a Labour Government that can end this inequality and austerity of this dreadful Tory government with its war on the poor and public services.

I want unity in the Party.

For the good of the country and party I believe Jeremy needs to step down. I believe the local parties should start to appoint Labour MPs with the right credentials. We do not want corporate MPs who are watered down Tories. We want MPs with real Labour principles who represent the people.

When the MPs with real radical Labour principles, like Jeremy, are present in large enough numbers we can then form a credible radical government under a leader with Jeremy’s principles.

It has to come from the bottom – not the top.

Jeremy has been a breath of fresh air. He has pointed the way. It is time the local parties got their act together so that we have the right MPs to do the job and represent the people.

3 thoughts on “The Dilemma for the Labour Party.

  1. You have got it spot on, I think. I think he’s done his work and shown the way forward. But it’s time for somebody else to prepare the party for the next election, which could be quite soon.

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