Opher interviews the Author Opher Pt.2


Q – So tell me Opher – what makes you tick?

A – I am an angry man. My anger, frustration and desperate need to put things right makes me tick. I’m a time-bomb waiting to explode; a nuclear device primed to detonate.

Q – So what have you got to be angry about? You live in a nice part of the word – admittedly the weather’s a bit naff – there’s no war, starvation or disease to contend with. You have things pretty easy. Why are you getting het up by things that don’t affect you?

A – because they do affect me! I cannot rest easy when I see rhinos, elephants and gorillas being slaughtered. I can’t rest easy when I see jungles being turned into coffee plantations. It affects me. I cannot sit back while a greedy bunch of establishment bastards line their own pockets with billions at the expense of all the poor and the whole planet. I have to shout.

Q – Why can’t you just sit back with a beer and chill out? You have no need to get yourself agitated.

A – I know. I could sit back watch all the soaps on TV, catch all the sport and comedies and forget about it all. I could watch the adverts and buy everything they want me to buy and be a good consumer. I’d have it easy.

Q – So why not?

A – Because that is what they want me to do!

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    1. It’s there somewhere. A lot of people tell me I’m too flippant for my own good and my puns are excruciating.

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