Blues Muse – Publisher puts the project on hold

Son house

Unfortunately things have not been going well for Helter Skelter publishing. They have stopped taking on new projects so Blues Muse has not got a home.

I was told things may improve later in the year but for now I am still looking for a home for an orphan book. Failing that a Literary Agent with a bit of vision.

Difficult times for a writer.

We persevere.

22 thoughts on “Blues Muse – Publisher puts the project on hold

    1. Hi Mary – I’m used to it. It is just frustrating. One step forward and two back. But at the end of the day it’s just writing, isn’t it?

      1. It may seem like that but it has been harder than it seems. Perseverence and determination are key.

  1. Sorry to hear about that, Opher, after all your hard work. Did they handle all your other books as well? If so, what will happen if folks want to order them?

    1. No. The other books are all OK. They are all on Amazon.
      I was very hopeful that Helter Skelter would take up the Blues Muse because they are a prestigious outfil with an impressive catalogue.
      Never mind. Bavck to the drawing board. I will send it off to some others and we’ll see if someone else is interested.
      Maybe Helter Skelter will be back on track in the summer?

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