Poetry – The First Waves – A poem about the creation of life.


The first waves

This is another poem about the creation of the first organism; the progenitor from which all life on this planet evolved.

That molecular voyage was a miracle of stupendous complexity -0 the origination of life. Because of its wondrous unlikely inception we have layered it with mysticism and religion. I see it with awe and wonder as miraculous science – another incredible product of this incredible universe.

We should pay homage to the brilliance of such a manifestation.

Life is probably the greatest glory of the amazing universe we live in.

Life is so complex and unlikely event that it is almost beyond belief.

But in an infinite universe, which is so vast and has existed so long, even the most unlikely event is bound to happen.

It happened here and we may be unique. Not only that but we have the senses and intelligence to experience it.

This is a homage to that first simple coming together of organic molecules that was the first step towards the stupendous range of life we see around us.


The First waves

As the first waves broke

On the lonely shore

The prime molecules cloyed

To create

In total blindness

On the first day

A new



New merging,

New combination,

Forever changing,



With no destination,

Just because

They could.


Opher 30.10.2015

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