People = Numbers ?

For me humanity is a no-brainer but we also need to address the underlying population explosion that is also fuelling the migration.

Chaotic Scribbles

In the midst of a so-called immigration crisis, there has been an epidemic debate about whether or not to accept the refugees. Everyday, we are being flooded with statistics, either claiming to prove that accepting them would be beneficial, not so relevant, or even catastrophic in an apocalyptic way. I am glad people are searching for facts in order to form an opinion, I just have one major problem with the way this is being dealt with: we are treating people like numbers.

Behind the percentages and charts are real people with real feelings and struggles, with dreams and aspirations, who fear death and want an opportunity to live – just like all of us. Reducing that to numbers is ridiculously simplistic. Is losing our human features and dehumanizing a large movement of people made of individual stories and lives.

But considering people nowadays seem to only respond to numbers…

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