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I stand Full Square for living and wringing every last drop out of every second. I want a full life of fun, love and friendship. I am loyal and greatly value loyalty.

I believe in the power of love and understanding to heal and nurture.

I believe in tolerance, freedom and equality.

I stand up to be counted when the chips are down and will put all my energy and strength into opposing racism, intolerance, indoctrination, religious fanaticism, violence and oppression.

I abhor tyranny and coercion.

Those that try to restrict the minds of the young need opposing and those that inflict their religious or political beliefs on children should be locked up. That is the worst crime of all. Everything should be open to debate. Put it on the table and argue your case with all your strength. There are no facts.

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  1. Hi Opher,
    I’d be interested to learn your opinion on how we should square off the issue of intolerance to religious fanaticism.
    Given the rather spuriously rapid introduction of laws preventing active and open criticism and/or behaviour that may be deemed unacceptable by one party from another and the most recent fresh approach by our TV news media, whereby what could be construed as subliminal messages are being sent out to a certain sector of society. Where the hell do we stand in all this?
    I trust you get my drift for I fear of erring on the too obvious, OK? something like 96 divisible by 8.
    I maybe entirely off kilter, but do I detect some kind of double standards here?

    Btw, this is my real name, like you wouldn’t know, as opposed to my old Hawkwind fan’s website moniker, apollomemories73 – the first time I saw them live at Glasgow Apollo in 73!

    1. I think it is incredibly difficult to walk the line. I do not tolerate intolerance and I see religious fanaticism of any description – creationists, Islamists, evangelicals, born again Christians, orthodox Jews – as being intolerant. I think their doctrine should be spoken out against and opposed. I believe any practice of indoctrination of kids should be vigorously opposed. I think any misogynistic practices should be vigorously opposed. I believe any group that supports or practices violence should be strenuously opposed. I believe that any religious group that wishes to inflict its views on others should be vehemently opposed. The same goes for political views.
      I want to live in a world of freedom, where a person can believe or not in whatever they like without fear, where all views are open to debate, where everyone is equal regardless of religion, politics, race, colour or creed.
      I think we have to move into the twentieth century and leave outmoded superstitions behind but we do that through reason and intelligence not coercion and indoctrination.
      I want freedom, harmony and fairness.
      I do not support violence.
      I believe the Caliphate and ISIS are evil because they support extreme violence, oppression, misogyny, superstition and have a desire to dominate the world.
      All theocracies are evil in my mind. They restrict people’s minds.
      I would tackle ISIS by cutting off its funding and open discussion. It’s ideology does not stand up to the light of day.
      I don’t think that is a case of double standards. Tolerance should not tolerate intolerance.
      All doctyrines should be open to scrutiny and debate – including religions and politics – especially religions and politics.
      For me the crucial issues are the terrible destruction we are doing to the planet and all manner of animal life due to our population explosion and greed. The politics and religion is part of it.

      1. Indeed it did, and some.
        You possess extremely succinct skills in conveying a great deal of pertinent information without any waffle. Most impressive. Thank you.

      2. And thank you. It is good to communicate. That is how we all grow. Thinking is good for the mind!

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