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I adore mystery.

I love nature, the beauty of the universe, its majesty and wonders. I love animals more than people.

I believe we can build a better world in which we live in harmony with nature. We don’t have to be cruel and thoughtless. We need to oppose the greedy and selfish that want it all for themselves and do not care about the consequences.

I believe we have to wrest control from the paranoid sociopaths and religious tyrants we keep putting in power.

I believe that it is only when humanity has finally grown up and left behind its primitive superstitious beliefs and tribal allegiances will we be able to build that better world free of nations and religions – one brother and sisterhood.

I believe that is worth fighting for! I believe that the fight for equality and freedom along with all aspects of creative endeavour is what gives life meaning and purpose.

I do not believe in superstition, after-lives or all the hokum of religious bollocks we have been shackled with since we sat bemused by the mystery of the universe and life – replacing one unknowable mystery with another is not rational. We have to become more intelligent than that. To accept that there is no purpose to life and the universe other than what we create for ourselves is the most difficult thing to accept. It threatens our own sanity. The sooner we come to terms with it the better. There will always be some who need a prop!

4 thoughts on “More views from Opher’s World! – The blog that covers life and Rocks the universe!

  1. I quite liked something Billy Connolly once said (not that I’m too taken with himself), anyway it was, quote ” we’re here to make babies and look after the planet”. Isn’t that enough in itself, not that we’ve been particularly successful with the latter.
    But quite honestly, the older I get the less tolerance I have for the nutters of god and government authority. They used to amuse me quite a bit, but the joke’s worn thin. I don’t want to hear them, see them, know them. They are slowing killing us with their insane dogma. We’re wrapped up in a 500 year old aspic smothered middle-ages ethos of landowners, Lords (fuck off with that!), a parliament of nonentity, a mealy mouthed morass of committee’s and a corporate culture which thinks it’s alright to spit back it’s mission statement at you following a genuine complaint. It’s a crock of shit. I want umteen tons of Owsley 100% strength Acid in every reservoir NOW!

    1. Yeah – that is a great quote! But I think with the population explosion being what it is the two might be mutually exclusive!
      I agree with all your sentiments though I’m not sure about the Acid in the reservoir! And isn’t Owsley dead now?

      1. I think China made a genuinely sensible decision with the one child per family allowance. However, we know of the obvious complications that’s inherent with such a plan. Hundreds of thousands of female babies dumped, mysteriously died and sold off to foreigners during a “holiday” abroad. Having recently lived in Cyprus, I witnessed the Cypriot government’s financial recovery plan fall into place, whereby, there is very active marketing directly aimed towards the Chinese and inviting them to emigrate, buy a house and have as many babies as they can afford.
        And It’s working. There’s Chinese signage all over the better housing areas that were formally lived in by the Brits, who are now either dying off or dwindling back to UK, due to the high costs of living. Not a problem for the wealthy Chinese.
        I lost count of the number of job advertisements looking for speakers/translators of the 4 main Chinese dialects. I had a food importation business situated next door to a housing development company and witnessed all their appointment arrivals. Started off with couples in a car, escalating to mini bus loads twice a day.
        So it’s a double whammy, and I could easily see Greece following suit and a number of other Eurozones currently struggling under Germany’s fist of iron.
        Who needs Europe if you’re in bed with the Chinese? The ready access to trading opportunities would be magnificent.

        On the other hand, did you happen to see the documentary the other night on Muslim polygamy here in UK. Good grief! And they qualify for child allowance benefits yet contribute zilch in return. Housing allowances for their wives, all living separately with different children to each one, of course. There was an interview with a “wife finder”, whom openly admitted that it’s not about love, just sex.
        What the devil is the government doing? Nothing, because they’re so bloody politically correct that any alteration or interference in this gross malpractice would/could be seen as infringement of human and/or cultural/religious rights.
        It’s insane.
        And little miss smug having a larff up in Harringay, the illustrious Diane Abbott, whom had the sheer audacity to spout off, quote, “people shouldn’t be alarmed about the number of immigrants coming to live in their areas, because the more there are the easier it will be to accept”. Excuse me!

        Remember the Albanian issue about 10 years ago where a multitude of city councils were instructed to take in a quota? In Glasgow, 150 arrived and were stuffed into a disused towerblock. 2 weeks in a local 15 year old school girl was gang raped and stabbed to death in an adjacent park area. Albanian youths had been seen in the area. The Police questioned the community leaders in order to ascertain the offenders. All touchy-touchy, not too heavy, just respectful inquiries. The community leaders stayed stumm, did nothing, so nothing happened. Subsequently, when the local boys found out, well they’d known immediately actually, but since nothing was being done, they took the law into their own hands. 2 Albanian boys were murdered at the front door of the towerblock. None of this was reported in any press, social media or by the Police.
        The government covered it all up for fear of wanton reprisals at what would surely be an untenable level.
        This is what we’re dealing with Opher.

      2. Yep – political correctness has a lot to answer for. The world population soars, forests are chopped, animals slaughtered and the whole crazy rush for progress, wealth and more….more…..more!! Continues apace.
        It is madness and there is only one inevitable outcome.
        It looks to me as if humanity has no intelligence; selfish greed wins every time.
        How much loot can any man need? What is the attraction of power?? Is it important enough to sacrifice the future to?
        Somehow we have to get our voices heard and create an intelligent, positive Zeitgeist.

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