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Opher Goodwin was born in the Deep South on the Thames Delta. He ran wild in the fields, ditches and trees lost in the wonders of nature until girls enticed him out of that first obsession and straight into another.

He developed a passion for Rock Music at the age of ten and has followed that through until now. He went to his first gig at the age of fourteen when he saw the British Birds at the local Palais. The second band he saw was Them with Van Morrison. There was no looking back. He was smitten by the excitement.

He lived in London as a student during the sixties and went to at least three gigs a week catching all the major acts in small clubs at their very peak. He travelled the world and made sure that he saw everything.

In the seventies he had a career in teaching, first with his beloved Biology and progressing to become a Headteacher. Always the philosophy was the same – tolerance, empathy, respect and responsibility. You don’t alter the world for the better with hatred and violence.

Throughout that career, as he helped raise four children with his long-suffering wife, he practiced another of his obsessions which was writing. So far he has only written forty five books (but there’s a lot more still in his head).

Now he sits in his den on the Costa Del Humber surrounded by five thousand vinyl albums, ten thousand CDs, 2 computers full of MP3s, shelves of books on Rock, Beat and Sci-Fi, drawers full of singles and magazines and writes while his wife does her thing and his kids are flown. He is content.

Nobody is more obsessive. Nobody is more passionate. He tells it like it is with all the fury of a radical zealot – Love one another! – Look after the world!

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