Why I’m such an angry old man!

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I was born in the late forties and grew up in the sixties full of optimism, idealism and a belief that we were going to change the world.

I wanted it more equal, more tolerant, more liberal, more fun, more open, more compassionate, more free, more fair, more love and more sex (please).

I wanted less violence, less cruelty, less war, less fanaticism, less anger, less division and less inequality.

We were silly really. While we had a great time, listened to some brilliant music, won with the civil rights, set up environmental groups, started feminism, did away with racism, got more sex and brought a bit more colour to the world, the establishment entrenched themselves.

There’s still war, still a third world, rampant inequality, even greater disparity between rich and poor, more greed, selfishness and hatred, more religious intolerance and fanaticism, massive environmental destruction, a runaway population heading for catastrophe and a ruling elite who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

It’s a wonder I’m not angrier!!!