Je suis Charlie aussi!!! Opher’s World stands for freedom of speech, tolerance and the right to offend!!

I salute the brave journalists of Charlie Hebdo who were callously, cold-bloodedly murdered by fascist religious fanatics.

Once again we have an act of cowardly, barbaric fanaticism in the name of religion. There can be no blasphemy if there is no god.

Europe was also once gripped by intolerant religious tyrants who sought to impose their limited, ignorant view of religion on everybody. They too used callous, cruel and vicious forms of torture and murder to crush free spirits. Those evil misguided individuals were ousted by people who fought for freedom and justice. Europe was freed from tyranny by the enlightenment.

Where are the signs of any Muslim enlightenment? Why has the religion become so intolerant, cruel, vicious and heartless? Where are the moderate Muslims speaking out against these atrocities? Do they all Muslims seek to impose their primitive Sharia law on everyone and force them to follow the same superstition? Why have modern day Muslims allowed themselves to be taken over by fascists?

I stand for freedom to believe in what I want. I stand for everyone else to believe what they choose without hindrance. I am no fascist.

Freedom of speech was fought for. Many people gave their lives for it. I have no wish to live under a theocracy of any description. We have to constantly fight for freedom.

My thoughts go out to the friends and relatives of those coldly murdered by intolerant sub-humans.

We need to build a positive zeitgeist!!

5 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie aussi!!! Opher’s World stands for freedom of speech, tolerance and the right to offend!!

  1. I think you will find the majority of Muslims condemn the atrocities committed by so-called Islamic extremists purportedly in the name of Islam – the author of “The Kite Runner” for example today. Religion is not the cause of such atrocities but the mental state of the perpetrators who seek power & the wealth which accompanies it then “borrow” a religion to regularise their crimes much like Charles Manson’s brainwashed gang.

      1. I think you will find that all religions have their list of atrocities. We are only free in the West to have democracy and a tolerant secular State because people fought for the right of free speech. The enlightenment came out of a struggle. Many lives were lost. The list of barbaric atrocities commited in the name of Islam gets longer by the day. I stand for tolerance, freedom and human rights. I do not oppose Islam. I am an antitheist. I would like to see all religion exposed for the superstition I believe it is. I believe that should be achieved through rational argument and not the gun. I oppose anyone who inflicts their beliefs on others or uses violence and terror to back up their views. What is happening around the world in the name of Islam is barbaric, inhuman, misogynistic and in my opinion the result of brainwashing. It should be opposed by all civilised human beings. I too oppose a number of Western policies. Two wrongs never make a right. Hatred breeds hatred. Islam badly needs its own enlightenment. There are too many fascist elements and Jihadists leading people into violent intolerance. It’s time to make voices heard. Islam needs to cleanse itself.

  2. Bush & Blair killed hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians in the name of their Christian God but no one blames that on Christianity. The Serbs practised genocide on the Muslim citizens of Bosnia but no one attributed that to an extreme view of Christianity. A secular state does not guarantee freedom from persecution. Stalin & Mao Zedang both “abolished” formal religions but probably killed more of their own citizens than anyone in history.The vast majority of people murdered by the jihadi extremists are of the Islamic faith. You need to learn something about a subject before pronouncing on it. You have a narrow-eyed view of Islam which you apply generally like the writer of the song “The Black Cloud of Islam”.

  3. It is a strange justification of cold blooded callous murder that you make. It would be far better if you as a moderate Muslim spoke out against all violence and atrocity. The genocide of Mao, Stalin and Pol pot were all criminal megalomania. Completely unjustifiable. Serbia was another atrocity. So is the callous actions of the jihadists and religious fanatics. Blair and Bush reacted poorly and their excessive responses were flawed and wrong. I have never supported war or violence of any description and Christian fanatics are every bit as bad as Muslim, Hindu or Jewish fanatics. Religion is a dangerous thing.
    They should all be condemned not justified.

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