Indoctrinating children with religious belief is child abuse!

Freud findings indicated that the adult is unable to overcome the indoctrination that occurs during childhood.

If you fill a child’s head with religious ideas before they are old enough to rationalise they are stuck with it for life!

Our children should be free to grow up and make their own decisions when their brains have matured. To teach religion in school or madrassa is abuse.

To bring up a child with religious concepts that they cannot possibly understand is as much an abuse as physical or sexual abuse and just as long lasting in its harmful effects.

You don’t agree? Then read my controversial novel where the themes deal with the absurdity of religion – ‘The Antitheist’s Bible’

2 thoughts on “Indoctrinating children with religious belief is child abuse!

  1. There is no scientificbasis to any of Freud’s theories. His data is devised in his cocaine-riddled brain. One may as well believe in God as in Freudian psychoanalysis. He never conducted one experiment or produced any objective data capable of analysis.

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