Poetry – The Future – Where are womens’ voices?

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The Future

I was feeling rather despondent last night. Perhaps I was merely tired?

In among all the environmental destruction, the wars, planes being shot down, fundamentalism, torture and barbaric deaths, I was looking for a glimmer of hope.

It was hard to see.

I was looking at the applied misogyny of Sudan where the women were walking around in their full body coverings and gang-rape was a weapon of war – even against children – and I was appalled.

Sometimes it appears that the future looks grim.

We live in a bubble in the West. Our women have not yet achieved full equality in many respects but compared to the rest of the world they are valued.

It seems to me that the world needs to hear the oestrogen driven voices. They are softer than more caring than the testosterone belligerence that seems to drive most of the globe.

Perhaps females are that shard of light I was hoping to glimpse?

The Future

Within the gloom of the future

Is there a shard of light?

Something to hold on to?

To fix our sight?

For all I see is control.


It looks so dark ahead

Within the minds of men.

Where are the women’s voices?

As the stone-faced, glazed

Armies patrol.


Opher 30.10.2015