Some thoughts on fictions.

We are losing faith in the limited fictions and could be about to embrace a more universal consciousness. It’s a fiction with some substance and the opportunity to both grow and develop a better way of life.

Many find it impossible to let go of the old fictions and go forward. They cling like limpets to the wreckage of dying fictions – religion, patriotism and the President.

I think this change in consciousness took off in the 60s. That is when a lot of people started realising that the establishment was a hypocritical self-serving institution committed to preserving the status quo and paying lip-service to religion and the law. It was empty. All it cared about was making money, and money neither bought happiness or fulfillment.

Many young people took Kerouac’s dream and were looking for something more substantial with more meaning. They lost their respect for organised religion, the President and the idea of nation. They had a broader dream. It wasn’t superficially about making money and having power. It was more about getting back to nature and respecting everyone and the planet. Life should be fun. People should communicate. Race, gender, social standing and nationality no longer held any significance or status.

That’s a good fiction to buy into.