Reawakening – The sequel to God’s Bolt.

This was written as both a stand alone and a sequel to God’s Bolt.

It tells the story of Helen Southcote’s journey through the solar system and out to the stars.

It too is available in both paperback and digital on Amazon.

Here is the opening section:

Year 0 Day 1 – 2325


I opened my eyes to discover I was in my own room. It gave me such a shock that I quickly closed them again. That could not possibly be right, could it? I mean, I had to be dreaming.

I lay there with my heart thumping trying to gather the courage to open my eyes again.

That room no longer existed. It was my room from 2159 when I was fourteen. I’d recognised it straight away. It even smelt right. It felt right. The bed felt right. All those things that I’d totally forgotten, that were lost in the depths of time but which were flooding back to me down the distant corridors of history through some ninety two years. It had given me such a shock.

This time I opened my eyes slowly and deliberately, braced for what I was about to see.

It was still there. It was definitely my room down to the smallest detail. There were even the scratches on the paintwork by the door where Woody, my beautiful collie dog, used to scratch to be let out.

I couldn’t have been more shocked if I’d bumped into a tyrannosaurus. I’d seen one of those in the reconstruction zoo, subtly called Jurassic Park after some film that had been made centuries before I was born.

I allowed my eyes to roam around taking it all in and rediscovering all those tiny details that I had long forgotten. They were all resurfacing as I looked – those strange lights that I’d taken a liking too, the garish colours of the walls. What had I been thinking? Orange and green. How could I ever have thought that was cool? The patterned carpet that made your eyes go funny. There was definitely something weird that happens to adolescent minds. They go very strange. But how did my parents allow me to do it? They really did indulge me, didn’t they? – Much more than I’d appreciated at the time.

I looked over to the large mural of Carl Sagan that dominated the wall opposite. My hero Carl held pride of place. Around him were my favourite Zook and Zygobeat bands of the day. I remember I had quite a crush on Zed from Isobar. He had the coolest hair and sweetest face. I adored him. Well looking at him now he just looked like a simpering little kid, barely out of nappies. My Dad used to be very disdainful of Isobar. ‘Computer slush for slushy minds’ he used to say, much to my fury. I used to retaliate calling his music ‘archaic noise for the demented’. He used to laugh – which only made it worse.

I edged myself up in bed. I felt so weak.

I looked around for Woody, my dog, but he wasn’t there. He usually lay curled up asleep at the side of my bed. I half expected my Mum to call up from downstairs to tell me to get up; it was time to catch the scud to school, or my Dad to start chiding. What was going on? I expected to hear my brother Rich mumbling and grumbling from his stinking pit across the landing that resembled a rubbish tip, only smellier. He hated getting up while it was still daylight. I thought about my older brother Joe who was away at Uni.

Everything was so right and that’s what made it so wrong. This could not possibly be happening. This room did not exist. Not only was it a throwback to my room from some ninety odd years ago, that had seen so many transformations as I’d grown up and then left home – this being just one incarnation among the many – an incarnation that was buried under layers of decorative archaeology by the time I last visited home. It was also a room that had been completely destroyed when God’s Bolt, that damn fucking asteroid, had wiped out the Earth all those years ago.

So how was I here?

I eased myself up in bed and sat propped up against the wall. My heart had slowed down but my mind was still racing.

I noticed my hands. You get used to seeing your own hands. They are not very attractive as you get old. All those brown splodges of liver spots, and your knuckles all swollen and lumpy, your skin all crinkled and leathery, like some dry, wrinkly tissue paper that you could never get smooth and soft again no matter how much lotion you use. But these were not like that. They were a young woman’s hands. Not the hands of the slip of a girl I was when I had this room, the hands of a mature young woman. I recognised them too, even though I had not seen them for some eighty years or more.

I got out of bed, walked across the room, or should I say tottered, I felt so weak I thought I was going to collapse at any moment, having to rest a hand on the bed in order to keep my balance, and opened my wardrobe to look in the mirror. My hair was a straggly mess but the body and face that peered back at me was that of the twenty year old Helen Southcote that used to be.

‘Eunice,’ I called, ogling this body I had not laid eyes on for over eighty years, ‘what have you done?’

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Reawakening – the sequel to God’s Bolt – Out Now!!

Reawakening is a Sci-fi novel that is the sequel to God’s Bolt. I wrote the two one after the other and have spent the last few months having them edited and knocked into shape.

I am pleased to be able to inform you that Reawakening is now available in digital format from Amazon.


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Writing update – Coming up for air!

I am presently working on two books simultaneously. God’s Bolt and its sequel, which I am renaming Reawakening.  I’m not sure that is a great idea because it means I am having to juggle both books in my head at the same time and that sometimes leads to confusion.

Both the books have been through a number of editing/rewrites. Both are now radically changed from what they started off as.

God’s Bolt was an idea I have had buzzing around my head for some twenty years. As with many musicians I like the idea of limiting myself. I wondered if it was possible to write a novel with just one character. This is that book.

It is a Sci-fi novel set in 2178. My character is a young woman who is on a Space Station as the rest of humanity is wiped out (along with all life on Earth) by an asteroid strike. My story is about her – Helen Southcote.

God’s Bolt does not only feature the one character. I had to fill in the back story and elaborate on the asteroid.

It begins with the destruction of the Earth and goes back and forward from there. What would you do if you were the last living human stuck out on a Space Station in space?

I wrote it in one format and carried out two rewrites when a discussion with my editor friend made me think that the structure of the book was wrong. That prompted a complete restructuring and rewrite which I completed a couple of weeks ago. It was a major exercise. What came out the other end was a great improvement that I was well pleased with.

So God’s Bolt is now back with my editor and another friend and I am awaiting their verdict as to whether it works. I think it does. The proof will be in the reaction.

On the day I had completed the first draft of God’s Bolt I was discussing it with my editor friend who suggested the idea for the sequel. It fired me up and I went straight home and started work on it. The result was Reawakening. 

Reawakening continues the story of Helen Southcote but adds in an alien dimension.

After I had written Reawakening (which came out remarkably quickly). I sent it off for editing. It received very positive responses but there were the same comments about it’s bittiness and that it jumped about too much.

While Reawakening was being read I was busy rewriting and reworking God’s Bolt. It became apparent that I had to carry out the same reorganisation on Reawakening  that I had carried out on God’s Bolt.

In many ways it is harder drastically reorganising a novel than it is starting from scratch. It’s like restructuring a house.

Last night I finally put it all back together and I am delighted with the result. My editor said on first read that it was the best book I’ve written to date. I think it might be.

I’m printing it off today to take round to her to edit and review. I think she’ll be impressed.

So now both projects are complete. Both are, or will shortly be, with editors. I await their responses.

I am hopeful that both books will be available in a month or two. I can’t wait to hold them in my hands. They have taken a great deal of time and sweat.

Now I’ll turn my attention to my Nick and Roy Harper books.