Writing update – Coming up for air!

I am presently working on two books simultaneously. God’s Bolt and its sequel, which I am renaming Reawakening.  I’m not sure that is a great idea because it means I am having to juggle both books in my head at the same time and that sometimes leads to confusion.

Both the books have been through a number of editing/rewrites. Both are now radically changed from what they started off as.

God’s Bolt was an idea I have had buzzing around my head for some twenty years. As with many musicians I like the idea of limiting myself. I wondered if it was possible to write a novel with just one character. This is that book.

It is a Sci-fi novel set in 2178. My character is a young woman who is on a Space Station as the rest of humanity is wiped out (along with all life on Earth) by an asteroid strike. My story is about her – Helen Southcote.

God’s Bolt does not only feature the one character. I had to fill in the back story and elaborate on the asteroid.

It begins with the destruction of the Earth and goes back and forward from there. What would you do if you were the last living human stuck out on a Space Station in space?

I wrote it in one format and carried out two rewrites when a discussion with my editor friend made me think that the structure of the book was wrong. That prompted a complete restructuring and rewrite which I completed a couple of weeks ago. It was a major exercise. What came out the other end was a great improvement that I was well pleased with.

So God’s Bolt is now back with my editor and another friend and I am awaiting their verdict as to whether it works. I think it does. The proof will be in the reaction.

On the day I had completed the first draft of God’s Bolt I was discussing it with my editor friend who suggested the idea for the sequel. It fired me up and I went straight home and started work on it. The result was Reawakening. 

Reawakening continues the story of Helen Southcote but adds in an alien dimension.

After I had written Reawakening (which came out remarkably quickly). I sent it off for editing. It received very positive responses but there were the same comments about it’s bittiness and that it jumped about too much.

While Reawakening was being read I was busy rewriting and reworking God’s Bolt. It became apparent that I had to carry out the same reorganisation on Reawakening  that I had carried out on God’s Bolt.

In many ways it is harder drastically reorganising a novel than it is starting from scratch. It’s like restructuring a house.

Last night I finally put it all back together and I am delighted with the result. My editor said on first read that it was the best book I’ve written to date. I think it might be.

I’m printing it off today to take round to her to edit and review. I think she’ll be impressed.

So now both projects are complete. Both are, or will shortly be, with editors. I await their responses.

I am hopeful that both books will be available in a month or two. I can’t wait to hold them in my hands. They have taken a great deal of time and sweat.

Now I’ll turn my attention to my Nick and Roy Harper books.

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