Return of the Orange Billionaire Profiteer!

Climate change denier, conspiracy spreader, profiteering conman, tyrant cosier – that really is all we bloody need!

Why the hell isn’t this criminal power-mad nutcase in prison??

Jacob Rees-Mogg – The Epitome of the Establishment Profiteers!

Tony Benn was exactly right. These people took the land from the people by force. The establishment have been profiteering ever since. They now ‘own’ all the land and charge us to use it.

These are the people who have been lording it over us and mismanaging the country – yet, for some obscure reason people still vote for them, doff their caps and are thoroughly obsequious – like true plebs.

Nobody epitomises the establishment more that Jacob Rees-Mogg. He has profiteered over both covid and Brexit to the tune of millions – £7 million from Brexit and further millions from Covid.

He’s never done a proper day’s work in his life, loafs about in the House of Parliament and is in the running for the most arrogant man on the planet.

He is also in the running as the most pretentious prat on Earth.

These establishment figures includes the Royals. They view us all as worthless plebs. We should be grateful for their crumbs.

These parasites take the bulk of the country’s wealth and are responsible for our years of austerity. Many of them siphon the wealth off, tax-free, into the Cayman Islands instead of investing it in Britain. Before Brexit happened Rees-Mogg’s firm hypocritically moved into the continent. Talk about patriotism!!

If anybody else behaved like this………..

Thanks John Peachey

Jacob Rees-Mogg – a typical profiteering Tory

Puts on the persona of a toffee-nosed toff. Pretends to be proper, an honourable gentleman. In reality a tax-avoiding scumbag. His company based in the Cayman Islands – pays less tax than a nurse!! Has made millions out of Brexit and millions out of Covid.

There is a name for it – PROFITEERING!!

Tax avoidance was the driving force in him wanting to leave the EU!! He would have had to pay his share – but being incredibly greedy……………………..