Poetry – The Art of Spin

The Art of Spin


It used to be a gentle art

Of arcing ball in summer sun;

To entice, and make the ball slide past bat.

It used to be a gentleman’s game

Of cunning and devious skill,

To delight and entrance.

As bowler sought to catch an edge,

To elicit a false shot,

To conjure a twist

Through an impossible angle

To strike pad or wicket.


Now it is a wicked lie

As devious scoundrels

Seek to deceive, to obfuscate the truth;

To lie and trick.

Instead of balls, they twist words.

They bury the truth

To create a falsehood.

These villains aim to confuse,

To hide reality behind a fog

Of invention.

In this ungentemanly game

Both we and the truth are victims

Of political conmen.


Opher – 1.7.2020