New Eden – where the idea came from.

New Eden – where the idea came from.

The idea for this book came from a comment in a documentary on racism and immigration. A young working class racist white man was explaining his thoughts. He said ‘there’s too many of them; too many by far.’ It was a phrase that stuck in my mind.

Then there was a big outbreak of Ebola in Africa. It sounded as if there was no cure for this horrendous disease.

Although this was back in the eighties automation was beginning to displace a lot of the working class. It was quite apparent that we no longer needed a large workforce (a situation that A/I has exacerbated). A huge number of people were becoming surplus to requirements.

The world population was still increasing dramatically. There were likely to be even more unemployed.

At the time I was teaching genetics and gene splicing was on the horizon. We could manufacture specific lethal viruses.

I extrapolated this into the future. I imagined a totalitarian government who adopted the idea posed by the racist man to apply it to all the surplus population.

A novel was born.

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