Has Theresa May Rushed to Judgement?

I ask the question whether this response to the terrible poisoning of the two Russians in Salisbury has been too hasty?

Almost certainly is not 100%.

We have a recent record of hasty actions with the war in Libya and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Information given at the time seemed conclusive but later proved to be flawed.

It seems highly likely to me that Russia is behind this terrible incident. They do have form. The nerve gas does appear to have been made in one of their factories.


Who did it? Why are there no suspects? Why are there no CCTV pictures of the suspects? Surely these people will be easy to track and identify?

Is Russia the only source for this nerve gas?

Can other agencies – the CIA perhaps? – have got hold of it?

Who wanted those two dead?

I am not saying that Russia and Putin are not behind it. I am saying that 99% is not a 100% and with something as dangerous and far-reaching as this we need 100% before definitively pointing the finger.

Has this been a knee-jerk reaction? A show of strength? Rather than a considered response?

Perhaps we should have waited a week or two to gather all the facts?