Anthropocene Apocalypse – The great Bee demise.


Last year I noticed that my garden was devoid of honey bees. My vegetables and fruit were being pollinated by bumble bees. This was most unusual because Bumble bees were supposed to be on a cycle of severe decline and I was used to seeing large numbers of honey bees.

This is not merely happening in England there is the same phenomenon occurring in the United States. These graphs illustrate this:

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I was dismayed to hear that 42% of Bee hives were failing in the States. This should not be happening in the summer months and does not bode well for the next winter.

Bees are essential pollinators. Without them we are in trouble. Many fruits and insect pollinated flowers will not get pollinated.

Even if people do not care about the fate of insects they might care about the increased costs of many of our food essentials.

We need to value all our insects. They are the food for many of our birds and animals. They are essential in our food webs.

It is obvious to me that farmers are destroying our bees and insects with the spraying of crops with insecticides. Neonicotinoids seem to be the main culprits.

We need a major research into the use of insecticides world-wide. Our animals and insects are precious!