Pt. 2 – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle – teachings from My Granddad.

I hope you find this interesting. Typing these up is quite strange for me. It puts me back in contact with my granddad after fifty four year.

While I do not subscribe to the ideas I do find them fascinating.

I’ll type up the rest as soon as I can.

Pt. 2 – Our Perception – a teaching from White Eagle

If we are ever to be united in his great love we must know all sin in every roadway, in every nook or cranny, we must perceive it. Every known sin is made bare to you. It is not possible to create any further sin than that which is with you and about you now.  You cannot know all the sin in just one short life upon your earth, any more than you can claim a genius unless you have known every brother and sister. There is a continual flow of life to and from your earth, loved ones departing to new phases of experience and loved ones taking their place in the form of baby, all striving to seek new fields of life. The great laws of truth obey and fulfil the purpose of life to us all, and help us to awaken to new states of consciousness as our evolution presses steadily on. How can we ever hope to understand or perceive the Great Spirit, or his purpose, to which we are all a part, without knowing the laws that govern?

As you all progress to the different laws of evolution so our conception widens: greater understanding comes with every law. Your every pulsating, your love and life is his. If you are ever to enjoy eternal life you must begin where the Great Spirit began with you. You must pass through the gulfs of knowledge and wisdom; you must know and love your brothers and sisters; you must forgive as you are forgiven. You must be able to attune to every law. Then and then only can you hope to live in the golden light.