Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Jerry Lee Lewis

The house pianist for Sun records should keep me feeling exuberant!

Jerry Lee Lewis – the dynamite on a piano. He was always vying with Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley as to who was the real king of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Who cares?? They all produced some tracks that were on fire!!

The man could sure rattle those ivories!! His piano was on fire – at least it truly was when he set fire to it that night when he didn’t get top billing! He doused it in petrol and set fire to it!! Wish I’d been there!

I only got to see him one – at a club over in Bradford. He was on a double bill with Chuck Berry. I took my youngest son. Chuck and Jerry were both on top form!!

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

Today I’m playing some Roaring Jerry Lee to set my blood coursing!!!!!