Good News!!! – More Anecdotes, Essays, Beliefs and flotsam is available on Kindle!


Now I know that reading it on a kindle and having an electronic copy is not quite the same as holding a real book in your hands and having something to feel, smell and own, but it is the next best thing.

Kindle has not suppressed my book! It is available to download! You can even get it for free on the Kindle Unlimited! (Though don’t do that – please pay the price. I only get a small amount per book sold but it enables me to purchase stale bread every now and again so that I have the energy to type)

All I ask is that you do not take your life because the paperback is being temporarily suppressed. It will be available again shortly!

Satisfy yourself with my extensive back catalogue!

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News – More Anecdotes, Essays, Beliefs and Flotsam – suppressed by Createspace


Apologies to all of you who are clamouring to purchase my latest title. Createspace have just informed me that they have suppressed my book. They say that material from the book is available on the web and I have to confirm my rights.

It is available because I have posted a number of these anecdotes on my blog. I have explained this to them.

Hopefully this will be a temporary suppression. Amazon will not have to sack the thousands of lorry drivers they employed to deliver my books around Britain and the world. Neither will all the printer’s presses have to close down.

I am aware that hundreds of thousands of people depend on my output of books for their livelihood and am doing all I can to have my title reinstated.

In the meantime I can only appeal to you to purchase duplicate copies of my other works so that all those starving employees may eat. Have patience. The matter will soon be resolved and you can place your orders (I am temporarily restricting the number of copies of any book allowed to be purchased by any one individual to a hundred copies in order to ensure that there is not disappointment – I am aware that people will want to be stocking up to satisfy their friends and relations coming birthdays and with one eye on ensuring they have sufficient presents for Christmas (The earliest reference to Christmas this year)).

I know this announcement must be incredibly upsetting but please try to remain strong.

I will keep you informed.

Best wishes Opher

My other books are here:

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Two new books out in paperback – Codas, Cadence and Clues & More Anecdotes, Essay, Beliefs and Flotsam

Both new books now out on Amazon as paperbacks.

Codas, Cadence and clues – £4.97


More Anecdotes, Essay, Beliefs and Flotsam – £7.87


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Full of passion, thought provocation and stimulation – wit, anger and a window into days long passed.

I’m in these books.


New book – More Anecdotes, Essays, Beliefs and flotsam – in review


While I was away on my voyage I wrote three books.

The first was my book of poems I Codas, Cadence and Clues –


The second was a Sci-fi novel that needs a lot of work before it sees the light of day – if ever.

The third was this book of anecdotes and other writing.

I have been putting a lot of this out on my blog and receiving very good responses. I thought that a number of you might like a second volume of anecdotes from life. This has me in the spotlight.

Some are humorous, some are sad. There’s Rock and Blues, sixties, childhood, love, sex, drugs and everything else.

You’ll find Jimi Hendrix, Son House and Roy Harper.

Extracts from my life.

It’s written with passion.

I have just completed the editing and it is presently in review!

In the meantime content yourself with other morsels of my life and imagination:

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These are a couple of other of my poetry books.

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If you enjoy my poems or anecdotes why not purchase a paperback of anecdotes for £7.25 or a kindle version for free.

Or a book of poetry and comment:

Rhyme and Reason – just £3.98 for the paperback or free on Kindle

My other books are here:

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