The Corona Diaries – Day 439

On this four hundred and thirty ninth day of lockdown it was a warm cloudy day in Yorkshire. I stayed in this morning frustratingly trying to sort out my blog. So frustrating. Trying to update stuff and having forgotten how!! The main problem obviously being that we don’t have a resident four year-old to ask!

I’ve started reading the latest Ishiguro novel. It’s already gripping!!

In the afternoon we set off up my hill (I’m now claiming ownership!). Two beautiful young stoats were frolicking in the road. They let us get quite close to watch. They looked extremely fit and heathy, glossy coats and bushy tails. Then a car came along and they shot into the undergrowth. On the way back three goldfinches were cavorting on the tarmac. We stopped to watch that too!

All around us nature was in full bloom and birdsong filled the air. Good to be alive!! (Much better than being dead!!).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is kacking himself as the Indian variant really takes off. Over 6000 new cases!! Not at all good. However, although the hospital admissions are going up it doesn’t look as if they are going to go up as high as they were worried about. The vaccine seems to be holding up and young people are not getting too ill!! Hancock (2nd liar-in-chief) says the variant is 40% more transmissible – whatever that means?? I can’t see how they can put a percentage on it. But anyway – it is more contagious!

Looks like Johnson is keen to continue with opening up on the 21st anyway!

All these decisions are political. They hide behind science and pick and choose. (I notice a lot of the scientific advisers have a short life – they rapidly disappear).

What would be nice is clarity and criteria!!

Wouldn’t it be good if they were honest? If they put out a series of graphs and said – if the deaths go above this we lock down or if the hospital cases go up to this we lockdown. Something clear and unambiguous that we can all see. A target for us to move towards.

They really do not want things to be clear, do they? They want to make decisions for political reasons and not scientific ones.

I wonder why that is? Popularity? Corruption? Who knows?

Why are some countries not in the red zone and some not in the green zone? Where are the clear criteria?

Why do I think that these morons don’t really know what they are doing and are just muddling through?

For all the unvaccinated out there – take care – your risks are going up every hour as this third wave takes off. The race is on. The over thirties are being jabbed.

Let’s hope that a new variant doesn’t put us all back to square 1.

Or a new escape for a laboratory!!

Or a terrorist getting hold of a virus!!

Or Trump looking for revenge!!

Stay safe!!!

9 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 439

  1. for the most part, trumpists are terrorists looking for revenge. orange leader has been impungedd all democrats must die. after all, Ds are all baby eating pedophiles. baby is served rare in the White House, right after satanist church services. these clowns really believe this shit.

    1. I guess people have always been this gullible. Trump was just good at stirring them up, uniting them and stoking up the hate and division.

  2. So true, Opher. Yet it appears that “your” hill gives you some necessary solace in these times of out right insanity.

    Keep up the upward trudge because there is always the down hill at some point!

    Stay safe and watch your back!

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