Po e tree – A tree

A Tree

A poem for the eye to wonder at;

A sculpture for the hand to touch;

A painting against a barren landscape;

A song upon the breeze.

A home for a multitude;

A refuge from the storm;

A meal for a hungry family;

A shelter from the sun.

A living organism;

A breathing plant;

An aware being;

Part of a community.

A giant who lives;

A treasure that gives;

A triumph of evolution;

So easily destroyed.

A tree is not merely wood.

A wood is not merely trees.

Opher – 6.6.2021

I make no apology for loving trees. I don’t hug them – at least not often – but I do adore them.

I can appreciate them on so many levels.

They are nature’s works of art – so delicate, so beautiful.

They have given us food and shelter.

They have given us our atmosphere.

A tree is not merely wood. It is so much more!

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