The Corona Diaries – Day 438

The sun is shining and it’s very hot!! It’s been a great day so far!! I put the finishing touches to my new Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars and sent it in to be published last night! The digital version is already out on Amazon.

For a mere £2.50 (the price of a cup of coffee) you could download my new book – immerse yourself in it and complete reading it by tomorrow, put up a glowing review and feedback to me!! That’d make me very happy!!

The Pornography Wars eBook: Forsythe, Ron: Books

The paperback version will be out shortly. I’ll keep you updated!!

I’ve been working on the book for many months so it feels pretty good to have completed the project. It will feel even better once I have the book in my hands!

It’s been a day for kicking back and lazing – too hot to do much. I’ve had two books on the go for weeks and finally sat and finished both of them! That means I’m starting two more. I always have a couple on the go at the same time. I received the new Ishiguro book – Clara and the Sun – for my birthday so that picked itself! I’m looking forward to it – one of my favourite authors!! Not sure about the other!

I’m going for my daily walk soon – when it’s cooled down a bit. This will be 438 consecutive 10,000 steps plus. I’m averaging 15,500 steps a day! Even if I say it myself that’s pretty good!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we have further intrigue.

There is some speculation that this Covid-19 might actually have started in a Chinese Wuhan lab. Biden is looking into it. Who would have believed that? If it is the case it will be the only Trump conspiracy theory to have any credence!! I hope it doesn’t fuel up the idiotic fringe. What with a report on UFOs coming out next week the flat-earthers, god botherers and antivaxxers will be having a field day!

I hope their are aliens out there! We need someone with intelligence to save us from ourselves!!

Here in the UK we might be in big trouble. The virus numbers are surging. They have jumped from 2000 to 6000 in the last four days. It is the start of a new third wave.

It seems that the vast majority of the new cases are among the unvaccinated. Many of these will be young and should not get the illness too badly. But hospital entries are rising, deaths are rising and the threat to the unvaccinated vulnerable group is increasing daily.

It seems that the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Indian variant is compromised. We could be in for a bumpy ride.

What on earth induced our clown to keep the flights coming in from India without checks?? The man is a complete imbecile!!

He is desperately clinging on to the lifting of all lockdown conditions on the 21st. I can’t see it myself. That’s purely a political decision. The science says that we’re on the brink of another major spike of hospital entries, severe illness and deaths!! Too many are unvaccinated. If the Indian variant overcome the vaccine we’re in real trouble!!

Come on Dido!! Time to actually do something for our £37 billion.

In education Johnson is promising to help all our kids catch up after the dire situation they’ve been in for a year and a quarter due to his mismanagement. He’s offering each one of them 25p, a mars bar and a sprout. That ought to do it!

It seems that so far we have 400,000 people suffering from long covid. If you survive you are not out of the woods. Your internal organ damage might be severe and permanent. They don’t know.

So, my advice – go and get vaccinated as soon as you can!! Watch out for UFOs and if you find one plead with them to save us from this dunce of a Prime Minister!! They might be our only hope!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 438

  1. Yesterday, I re-read Iain Banks’ “The Business” in a rare, short break from the hardest writing project I’ve ever taken on. It’s still good! It’s been nine and a half months now, I’ve got about a quarter of the final one of six major essays (total estimated length 54,000 words!) left to go. Today I sat at a picnic table above my local lake, did a final proof-read on the first five (there are four or five things to add to the second!), and made notes on stuff I need to add to the sixth. Beautifully warm, even as early as 10am! Roll on, global warming! (if there is such a thing).

    Then I watched some local cricket – they’re much fitter in the field these days than I used to be!

    I’ll do you a deal, Opher; you send me a signed, printed copy of your Pornography Wars, and I’ll send you a signed, printed copy of my one-and-only novel! The place I usually use for Amazon and equivalent deliveries is my local post office: Farncombe Post Office, 20 Farncombe Street, GU7 3LH.

    This particular post office has a chequered history. See here: Yes, this website is biased (and rightly) in favour of the little people and against the might of the state. And so am I. And so should you be! I suspected a while ago that it was my local branch that had caused this fraud by the powerful to be exposed, but I didn’t find this particular confirmation until today.

    Oh, and the good thing about the rise in COVID cases is that it will give me something to work with when I come to look in detail at vaccine effectiveness.

    1. Hi Neil, What are your essays about??
      I love Iain Banks! Such a terrible tragedy! He was robbed of so much and so were we! I did start to read all the Culture books in order but got waylaid by life. I shall pick up where I left off!!
      Beautiful day here too! I’ve been reading, walking and painting.
      I shall certainly send you a signed copy! It’ll take a little while for the books I’ve ordered to be delivered! Email me your address!
      What happened with the Post Office was absolutely terrible! Hurrah for the little guys!!

      1. Opher, they are a re-working of my philosophical thinking, with all the new ideas I’ve had since I published my “Honest Common Sense” book of 2014. There’s lots in there!

        Yes, Iain (M) Banks was indeed a great loss.

        Send me an e-mail with your address when your books are ready, and we’ll do the exchange!

        As to the Post Office, well that kind of thing is what happens when the political class take over things that ought to be done by private business, not by government. The arrogant so-and-sos think they have a right to make false accusations, invert the burden of proof, and find people guilty without trial. Those responsible ought to get long prison sentences; but they won’t, of course, because they are members of the privileged political class.

      2. That sounds fascinating Neil!! I like the idea of that. I’ve done similar.
        I’ve tried lots of experiments. One of mine was an antinovel – no theme, no story, no characters, no structure – no readers.
        I’ll sort that out as soon as they are through! Cheers Neil!

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