The Corona Diaries – Day 175

The government has brought out this ‘Rule of Six’. It’s illegal to meet up in groups of more than six unless you are out grouse shooting, of course. But then the rules don’t apply to the likes of the people who go grouse shooting, do they?

But don’t worry about the rules (unless you’ve got nasty neighbours who will snitch on you). Nobody has to abide by laws or rules anymore. It’s official. Particularly if they are international laws. We are OK to agree with them. Oh yes!! This Rule of Six is the best thing for Britain! It’s a virus-beating deal! Then renege on them. No, it is a terrible law. It cannot possibly apply to us. Besides, there are only ten of us and we’re all checking our eyesight and counting skills. On top of that, we’re hunting for grouse!

The Test and Trace fiasco (probably being run by one of Johnson’s relatives or a Bullingdon Club buddy) is still directing people to over parts of the planet or even other planets. I’ll be glad when this Moonshot comes into existence (probably Johnson bunging a few billion to one of Rees-Moggs firms). That doesn’t sound as if people will have to travel as far,

At present we have people having to go off work and isolate without a chance of a test. It’s leaving people in limbo and workplaces without workers.

Speaking of which there are already 695,000 people who have lost their jobs and as the furlough scheme fades away so will a million more jobs – unless the government does what other governments (like Germany) have done, and brings in a new, more tailored furlough scheme.

Or they could organise other employment. Perhaps picking up after grouse shooters as alternative employment?? Or helping Rees-Mogg carry the millions he is making out of Brexit to stash away in the Cayman Isles???

Today we had another 3105 new cases with 27 deaths. Both are going up. Given the lag between contracting the disease and dying I reckon we’re in for a rough month or two!

In the USA there was another 33,252 new cases and 447 deaths.

In Brazil it was 15,155 and 381 deaths.

Another gorgeous day in Yorkshire. I went for a long walk into Driffield and peered in the windows of shops in search of the old normality. It was nowhere to be seen. There were a lot of empty shops and shops that only open in the morning. A lot of people in masks. This was the new normality.

I worked on my Roy Harper book, played some Tom Waits and before I knew it most of the day had gone.

Stay safe everybody.

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 175

  1. You’re right Opher, it was a beautiful day. But I’ve had my whole attention on my COVID article. Hoped to finish it today, now it’s tomorrow (sigh). Interesting stat: the UK deaths per case (looking 14 days back) has gone down by a factor of over 60 in the last three months.

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