What is Sci-Fi???

Whenever anybody mentions Sci-Fi I can see the shutters going down. For many people this genre is one that they would shun. It is the world of space opera, Star Wars and Star Trek, but not for me (much as I enjoy Star Wars and Star Trek).

When I think of Science Fiction I think of topics and areas that are much more relevant to today. I think of social, political and environmental issues. I think of human beings being placed in situations that test the scope of their emotions, intellect and abilities.

Sci-Fi is about real life.

The great Science Fiction writers include Margaret Atwood, George Orwell, Philip K Dick, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut Jnr, Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie and Iain Banks – people who involved themselves in real social, political and environmental issues that pertain to our lives.

We live in a scientific age. Science has propelled us into a universe that is vastly different to the world our ancestors inhabited just a couple of centuries ago. The pace of change is relentless and extraordinary. What is science fiction today is tomorrows mundane existence.

Never in the history of this planet has change happened so quickly – and it’s getting faster.

Science fiction is such an enormous genre. That is what attracts me. There is so much potential to look at the future, the past and the present. To imagine different worlds, parallel universes, quantum reality and infinity – and they are real.

In the middle of it are human beings. We haven’t changed. As the world around us, reality and understanding spirals out of all recognition, we are left with the same brains and hormones we possessed back in our first steps on the African savannah. We live, love and have the same feelings and ambitions. Our psyche has not altered.

Science fiction is about how we deal with the new situations that science presents us with. It might be aliens. It could be environmental destruction. It may involve travel through space and time. It might be about inner space, alternative histories, or it could be the propaganda wars.

One thing is certain – science fiction has no limits.

Science fiction is not a cartoon genre. Some of our best writers dabbled with science fiction. Science fiction is about the endless possibility, in the midst of which, ordinary human beings try to solve extraordinary problems and live lives that all of us would recognise.

Science fiction is about people and the universe we inhabit. That’s why I love it.

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12 thoughts on “What is Sci-Fi???

  1. Science Fiction … Isaac Asimov and the 3 laws of Robotics. Really like the Bicentennial Man played by Robin Williams wherein he, clearly influenced by Asimov, defined humanity as the right to die.

  2. LOL its funny that you mentioned it. I wrote a story on this exact topic that you may be interested in. I totally agree that science presents people with a problem they have to solve. I remember the anime Gal Force. A unique premise on the creation on humanity, though some probably didn’t find the idea great but I loved it as a kid and I used it as inspiration for my work. If you have the time, check out: Fate of the Worlds and The Fourth Child. You’ll probably like it.

  3. Banks of course presented a view of what we “might” become. And the Culture was an immensely attractive society. I imagine also it reflects Bank’s political and humanitarian views. He was able to imagine a better world. To imagine a better world almost allows one to live in it.

    1. Banks was a real master. I greatly appreciated his humanitarian view. He is one of my favourite writers. So tragic that he died far too young.

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