Poetry – People are Good

People are Good


People are good.

Though that’s not the impression we receive.

We are told

That they cheat

They lie and deceive.

But people are good.


People are good.

They always help out.

When the times are rough

It’s the people who are tough.


People are good.

It’s our leaders who reek.

Power corrupts

From the strong to the meek.


People are good.

They’ll always give you a hand.

Except when they are riled up

By leaders of the land.


Using fear and hatred

They incite to hysterical pitch.

Then sit back and smirk

While we die in the ditch.


But people are good.

They’re not filled with sin..

We know we’re not different

Whatever our skin.

People are good.


Opher – 14.9.2020

27 thoughts on “Poetry – People are Good

      1. An interesting question. The Gemara of בבא קמא contrasts with the Gemara of סנהדרין. The post בית שני [in English post Herod Temple], codification of Jewish Oral logic traditions. These two different Gemaras weigh the distinction between a temporary resident called a ger toshav and a foreign refugee living within the jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin Federal Court system. The Gemara of Baba Kama, its Mishna and Gemara, teaches that the Canaani [alien refugee, that such a person has no legal rights]. The Gemara of Sanhedrin, it brings an aggadic story about the 7 commandments of bnai noach ie temporary residents within the borders of the Jewish State. These temporary residents cut a “temporary” alliance with the Jewish people. As such if an ox of an Israel damages the ox of a gere toshav, the gere toshav has the right to take the Israel to court and sue for damages. Not so the alien refugee. The latter enjoys no civil or political rights. The so called Balestinians refugees qualify as “Canaanim”.

      2. Everybody has legal rights. Only a fascist denies them. Oh how the Jews have turned full circle. Compassion is a basic human characteristic.

  1. The Romans did not like the Talmudic laws which excluded rights to refugee populations. President Trump argues that the Bill of Rights only applies to citizens of the US. That illegal aliens have no civil or political rights. Naturally we Yidden agree with the logic of the Trump Administration and despise and abhor the nonlogic of the Obozo Administration.

    Illegal aliens tend to form lawless gangs, like the Mexican gangs in California. The have no loyalty to maintain the society and government within the lands which they illegally entered and conduct acts of theft, violence, and mayhem. Such criminals have no rights. The American Constitution strips Federal criminals from the right to vote. The logic its consistent from ancient Israel to the United States today.

      1. So you don’t speak Arabic or Hebrew but pretend you know the solutions for the problems which ignite the Middle East. That’s quite funny.

        Justice through courts of lateral Common Law defines the Good Name of Jerusalem rather than a grand structure made of wood and stone.  The learning of Talmud requires פרדס disciplines;  the study of Talmud פרדס defines.  To what does the רמז\סוד couple compare?  To the עץ ; to roots of a tree, ever expanding in search of water and minerals the tree requires root system in order to live.  Like the foundation upon which a building stands, so too and how much more so the roots necessary for classic plant life other than mushrooms

        To understand the halakic component of the Talmud compares to the grammar of Hebrew verbs.  Each and every Hebrew verb has its two or three letter שרש, upon which the grammar builds its verbs.  To what does the verb שרש compare?  To racism.  ב’ ראשית within בראשית.  What causes the genesis of racism?  Language or actions?  As the Talmud contains two intertwining components of Aggadita and Halaka, so too does racism employ the slander perversion of words and violent actions.

        The בראשית Creation story centers upon the story of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil.  The kabbala of פרדס most essentially defines Talmud through the tohor and tuma Yatzirot within our hearts.  This metaphor of the tohor and tuma Yatzirot defines the struggle to live within us as Human beings.  The language of the בראשית story, of a world full of chaos and anarchy, they contrast with the Order imposed by the 7 days of Creation.  These two opposing powers of conflict, they define the Creation of the Universe.  The discipline of פרדס mirrors, it reflects these two fundamentally opposed forces within Nature.  The eternal conflict between these two opposing great powers essentially defines the laws of gravity, as expressed through the simple medium of a common battery.  These opposing great powers create a magnetic field.

        Herein explains the basis of physics.  The kabbala of rabbi Akiva’s פרדס, which essentially teaches: gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force – the 4 fundamental forces of Physics.  James Clark Maxwell through mathematical equations unified electric and magnetic forces in 1864.  About 80 years thereafter, quantum physics consolidated electromagnetism with quantum physics.  The interaction of these 4 primary forces, they tend to interact at the subatomic level.

      2. From my perspective, the Talmud is a big part of the problem.
        Sometimes, in order to see the problem objectively, you need a little distance. Even from our brief conversations it is quite apparent that your Talmud has left you short in a number of areas – empathy, compassion and humanity come to mind. Your racism and insensitivity, your aggression and disdain, your wish for revenge, is precisely what is exacerbating the situation.
        I have far better solutions but you are too caught up in tribalism.

  2. I could respect your opinion if you possessed the skill to correctly read a line of Gemara. LOL Talmud, which means learning, encapsulates the customs and culture of the Jewish people. Ya don’t like Jewish culture – that fair. I abhor and detest European culture. Again you revert back to your habitual error of making general unsupported statements. You say i am a racist – more power to ya – but i do not agree.

    1. No Moshe – you are wrong. I do not detest Jewish culture. I have the utmost respect for it. There are many good things. Obviously, I think all religion is a man-created noose that stops people living. But the culture is interesting.
      I detest the capitalism of the West and the way it has created distorted values – slavery, greed, empire and conquest. Disgusts me. But there are things in all cultures to love and things to despise.
      I’ve travelled the world and have friends of all religions, races and political views. I don’t stereotype. My Jewish friends are very cultured but fortunately not fanatics.
      Your words reveal your racism – the way you talk about the Palestinian people, the way you describe Obama, your attitude towards Europeans, your use of language. It is repugnant.
      People are people. They are all worthy.

    1. My Jewish friends are fully integrated in the society they live in and still respect their own customs. There are things about western culture they abhor (as do I) and things about Jewish culture and Israel that they dislike. The same is true for my Muslim and Christian friends. I am an antitheist. I think all religions are manmade and do much more harm than they do good.
      I can see that the long history of persecution has an affect. I say you have to rise above that. In this modern age we can build a much more tolerant society and put all the hatred and persecution behind us. It is much the same for the people who followed the pagan religions. They were persecuted and virtually wiped ou. That was real genocide.

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