The Corona Diaries – Day 174.

Another incredibly beautiful warm day in Yorkshire. I walked in the countryside, up my hill and around. I looked out over the rolling wolds. Perfect.

Back home I read and relaxed. Did a bit of work on my Harper book and felt good. 174 days in and I haven’t become ill. It still feels unreal.

I played some Tom Lehrer and had a laugh.

Then I made a mistake. I read the newspaper and it set me off.

We have world-beating operation Moonshot!!

These fools are so arrogant, wasteful and stupid. We’ve already had billions spent on world-beating apps, world-beating Track and Trace, world-beating PPE and oven-ready Brexit (now to be served up cold and raw and packed with salmonella).

Why can’t these morons talk to people? Liaise. Communicate. Cooperate. Work as a team. All they do is give out stupid orders and soundbites.

We already have a system for Track and Trace. It is called the GP service. Our doctor’s surgery knows everyone and is trusted. If the money had been put into that everything would work! Why reinvent the wheel with a bunch of greedy amateurs.

Now they are talking about using the army to vaccinate (if that ever happens). Why? We already have a system. It’s called the NHS. Using our existing provision – hospitals (now with most departments having no patients, surgeries cancelled and people too scared to go near) and doctor’s surgeries, with an injection (no pun) of cash, we could have a first-rate service. But no. The morons know best. We have to have a bunch on inexperienced amateurs.

It’s ideological. The government wants power and control. They do not want the local authorities or hospitals having any power! Idiots!! How much is this costing?

A day of reckoning is coming.

The furloughing is coming to an end. Redundancies will kick in. Those currently furloughed will be on the dole. Brexit is round the corner with another batch of redundancies. Happy days!

The irony is that the very ones that voted Tory and Brexit are the very ones who will be most hit.

While I’m on the subject of vaccines – how many people will take it?? Will they trust this batch of plonkers to have produced a safe vaccine? Will all the propaganda from the antivaxxers scare people??

Who knows?

We live in a world of internet conspiracy. Half the population believe the world is flat and Jesus is coming back. We’re fed conspiracy and misinformation by morons. We have populist knobheads for leaders. We have hoaxes and people with vested interests leading us up the garden path. Our experts and scientists are rubbished.

Meanwhile, the USA, Australia and Brazil burns and still they will not believe it’s global warming because Trump says it isn’t. Morons deserve to be led by morons.

You have to laugh. We in the UK are importing American lunacy. QAnon is sprouting over here. What is wrong with people???? They really believe that there is a democratic cabal who, along with celebrities, are running a paedophile ring, satanic worshipping and this Deep State bunch are eating babies.

Donald Trump is the saviour who is actively fighting this Deep State conspiracy.

Give me a break. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are part of the wealthy overprivileged elite who are shafting us all for every penny they can get!!

I wouldn’t put it past them to be operating QAnon.

So we lurch forward.- over 3000 new cases. Bet you’re glad you voted for them!

In the USA – another 33506 new cases and 399 deaths. In Brazil – another 14768 new cases and 415 deaths!

What a triumph!! Our leaders are so brilliant!!

Stay safe everyone!! The worst is yet to come!!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 174.

  1. That beautiful day changed. I think I need to stop looking at the news but each day there is something that compels me to keep an eye on this absurd tragicomedy. So much is laughable but so many still believe it.

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