53 thoughts on “More Trump Virus cartoons

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall who shall sit as President from 2020 to 2024? Duh! That’s obvious. A Great sitting President vs. a Chump Alzheimer’s chimp? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm who should i vote for????

      1. according to Wikipedia – AKA – “Aka people, a group of African pygmies living in the Central African Republic and Congo; Aka (tribe), a tribe found in West and East Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh, India.”

      2. Never made any racist attaks on Obozo – the nigger in the White House. Voicing contempt for an individual does not condemn, as in “racism” all black people!

  2. Yom HaDin judges the neshama, the Name E’l, as in Elul.  The Book of שמות dedicates 4 Parshaot to the vessels of the Mishkan and garments.  Two Parshaot prior to the sin of the Golden Calf and two Parshaot which close the Book of שמות.  An object casts its shadow.  This idea explains סוד.  A building stands upon a concealed יסוד.  This method of scholarship, the opposite of רמז words contained in other words בראשית:  ברית אש, ראש בית, ב’ ראשית.  Herein the 6 letters of בראשית teach the disciple of רמז.  The disciple of סוד works in the opposite way, it expands his concealed agenda through other metaphors like יסוד.  The foundation upon which a building stands – concealed from view.

    Check out the opening of 1st Kings.  There the Order of king Shlomo’s administrators mentioned in detail.  Oral Torah logic works by making “measured” comparisons by which a person can judge the depth of an idea.  A blueprint reads by having a front, side, top view of an object.  Reading a blueprint gives a 3 dimensional view of the object read from a 2 dimensional blueprint.  

    Just looked at writers who support the new testament avoda zara.  These writers, as a rule, duplicate the written word from their Bible translations.  They offer no depth analysis of the word which they quote.  Rabbi Akiva handed over a kabbala known as פרדס.  The entire works of the Mishna and Gemara stands upon the יסוד of פרדס scholarship.  Reshon scholarship, for example, debated sh’ittot on how to understand פשט.  Scholarship on the Talmud, which lacks a working disciplined knowledge of פרדס, directly compares to the Xtianity quotes from their bible to preach the son of god noise.

    The Auchron sh’itta which teaches פלפול fails to teach פרדס.  The emptiness of this popular Yeshiva learning device … a child learns all week in Yeshiva, learning פלפול.  That child comes home for shabbot, and at the shabbot dinner table talks about all subjects other than his learning the week past.  The problem of פלפול, this splitting of hairs between how one Reshon commentator learns a line of Gemara vs. how an opposing Reshon comments on that identical phrase of Gemara, only a few of the boys actually follow the fission scholarship as taught by the Maggid shiur.  Never met a child who possesses the skill to discuss his פלפול learning at the shabbot table!  

    If for no other reason than this פלפול – just plain wrong.  Rabbis treat פרדס like they do the 13 middot in the month of Elul.  Selichot Yidden open the doors to the Safer Torah and repeat over and again the 13 tohor middot.  Never once does any Rabbi authority challenge his folk to discern/understand the distinction between a tohor midda from a tohor midda.  How can a person dedicate his דרך ארץ walk before HaShem if that person never strives to define – from the Torah – the definition of tohor middot?!

    Throwing out names like the Maharal of Prague etc.  does not teach פרדס, the kabbala by which the entire Talmud learns.

    1. Moshe – for someone who claims to be moral you are very good at throwing out racial abuse and profanity at others. It undermines the whole doctrine that you espouse. Racial abuse and stereotyping of others shows a lack of moral character. Is this what your Torah instructs? If it is then it is no more than tribal nonsense.

  3. Mark Twain did not feel “nigger” was a racial term. Likewise have no problem with kike or spic etc. Something like the childhood saying: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Racism compares to rape – its an act of violence, like a pogrom.

    1. Words are violent. Attitudes come across in words. Attitudes feed actions. The holocaust started with words – just like the words you use.
      Mark Twain was from a very racist period of American history. He probably thought lynching was justified.

  4. If the spread of COVID-19 in Britain continues on its current trajectory, direct deaths from the virus will continue to rise, potentially exponentially, the government’s chief medical adviser said on Monday.

      1. You say the Shoah started with words. Bunk. The Shoah began with over 2000 years of pogroms and expelling Jews from country to country and preventing Jews from owning or farming land, limiting work that Jews could do etc etc etc. Over 2000 years of Xtian racism produced the fruits of the Shoah.

      2. Moshe – you are part of the evidence. If the Talmud creates such a vengeful, insensitivity it merely reinforces my feelings about it.

      3. A feeling compares to a color. It does not communicate rational logical thoughts, any more than an idiot who hates blacks simply due to the color of their skin.

      4. The statement “All models are flawed”, total bunk. Models serve as accepted theory until later science refutes the earlier established theory.

      5. I question everything – but obviously, I put much more credence to well-founded information. Science is a billion times better than superstition or intuitive guesswork.

      6. Don’t see you as achieving the status of Head of State. Boris he’s taking Britain out of the EU. May the EU totally collapse within this decade. Comparable to the fall of the USSR in 1989. A blessing that Boris become Britain’s Mikhail Gorbachev, who I personally saw visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

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