The Corona Diaries – Day 170.

Ha Ha Ha Ha – excuse me while I laugh. Operation Moonshot – mass testing of the whole country. Ha Ha Ha Ha. They can’t even deliver the limited testing we’ve got now! How many times have we been hived off with these grandiose, exaggerated soundbites??? We’ve had world-beating apps, world-beating PPS, world-beating Track and Trace, imaginary protective rings, world-beating vaccines (now stalled), oven-ready Brexit, Deals that are the best deals ever (now considered so bad we have to renege on our word and flout international law).

I’m sick of arrogant soundbites! I’m sick of the arrogance, incompetence and stupidity. They are treating us like fools.

Now we have mass testing Operation Moonshot – more likely a £1 rocket left over from the last Guy Fawkes day, likely to go off like a damp squib.

Today I feel ashamed, tainted by these Bullingdon boys total disregard for the law or the electorate. With a majority of 80, no election for another three years and still enjoying a lead in polls, they think they can do anything – and they are. They don’t really care. They know they can make a complete pig’s ear of the whole thing and then waltz off into a life of luxury as they are offered huge sums of money for doing next to nothing – just like Cameron, Osborne and May. It’s the rest of us who will pick up the bill!

Our covid cases are shooting up – another 2699 yesterday, and the deaths are starting to rise too – 10 yesterday. As there is a two to three-week gap between rises in cases and deaths, we can expect that increase to come through further down the line.

Meanwhile, in Trumpville, the virus is on the rise again – another 29,946 new cases yesterday and another 1176 new cases. Trump is wriggling. He now claims he deliberately downplayed the virus so as not to panic people. I imagine that over 190,000 deaths is pretty scary. Maybe if he had reinforced the safety procedures – distancing, handwashing and masks – instead of calling it a hoax a good number of those 190,000 might still be alive! The bleach doesn’t seem to be working on this ‘hoax’. Or is it a ‘Deep State’ plot????

The same thing is happening in Brazil where Bolsonaro is overseeing another drastic burning of rainforests while the rate goes up to 35,816 new cases and 1075 deaths.

All these clowns care about is wealth and power!!

I walk to forget. I did a 16.5K walk today on the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds. Up roman roads, past 2nd World War airfields, neolithic earthworks and the beautiful ‘slacks’ (valleys). I’ll put some photos up soon. The sun shone for half the time and there was a delightful old abandoned church.

Back home I’ve been playing a bit of Charlie Poole.

Great stuff.


Stay Safe everyone!

9 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 170.

  1. Opher, I both agree and disagree.

    Of course the “Bullingdon boys” are screwing things up. That’s what they are; moral morons (nice alliteration?), that don’t accept responsibility for their conduct. The current political system allows them to get away with it. So, why should they care? But do you seriously believe that any of the other major political parties could do any better? The system is the problem, Opher.

    I envy you your walks. My heel problem is healed (ha), but a few days ago I had a gout attack in the same area. Not comfortable. I still have to use the car to go everywhere I need to go.

    All this led me to think about the social effects of lockdown. I haven’t had a meaningful personal interaction with anyone other than shopkeepers and taxi drivers (and my barber, of course) for almost six months now. My brass band isn’t allowed to meet; my business friends have no opportunities for me. The pubs aren’t worth going to, because I refuse to anoint my hands with glop. I am a conscientious objector to mask-wearing, and to all other bad “laws” that do not benefit good people. The only place I can “be myself” right now is at my computer.

    Opher, I thank you for “standing tall” against all this crap; even though you and I
    disagree fundamentally about many issues.

    In other news, I’ve just completed a piece for flugel horn soloist and brass band, and it’s rather good.

    1. Hi Neil – I agree with you – the political system needs overhauling. Democracy needs overhauling. The media need overhauling. The public need a good kick up the arse! But there is nowt worse than Bullingdon Boy Tories. Their sheer arrogance, sense of privilege and utter incompetence irks. They are so smarmy and really do believe they can get away with murder (and are doing).

      Gout is not nice. My sympathies. The walks are keeping me sane. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle winter!

      I too miss the social interactions and take solace in my writing, music and the computer. Glad you are composing. Creativity is a saving grace.
      Get well soon Neil!!!

  2. Operation Moonshot…it’s a fantasy that’ll never get off the ground, but yet, many will do well from lucrative government contracts.

    Regards changes to the Withdrawal Agreement…debate has started as to whether the U.K government has broken International Law, or whether in fact Domestic Law applies and allows parliament to act as sovereign. I see the term, Perfidious Albion is appearing regularly online.

    In other C-19 news, Australia have seen a big decrease in numbers of cases of flu, which they attribute to mask wearing, better hygiene practice, social distancing measures put in place for C-19. I wonder whether there is a similar trend in the U.K and how that might benefit as we approach the cooler end of the year with a C-19 second-wave building.

    Good to hear you extended your walk today: the further you walk, the more you’ll find.

    Enjoy day 171.


    1. Both Moonshot and this new withdrawal legislation smack of Cummings and his psychopathic madness. He detests rules and loves to cause disruption. He is the one coming out with all these soundbites. I think it’s beginning to unravel. People are becoming less likely to believe him. The more they don’t deliver the more people realise they’ve been taken for a ride. People may be fools but they don’t like being treated as fools.

      Social distancing and increased hygiene will undoubtedly curb the spread of other contagious diseases. A bit of good news.
      You have a good day too Dewin.

      1. The Bill is due to have its second reading this coming week: it could fail. The question is whether MP’s are required to comply with International Law, as per the ministerial code.

        I agree with the Tory former minister Steve Baker, who said it was “now time to say that this is not a fit legal environment for the British people.” Scrutiny of the Bill, and this governments actions is essential.

        The U.K government is taking the piss.

        Catch ya later.


      2. It is their arrogance Dewin. They really believe they can get away with anything. I hope they fall flat on their faces! On the other hand it might be good if they overreach to the point of no return and we get shot of them once and for all!

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