Poetry – The Polling Booth

The Polling Booth


Teargas, snatch squads and goons

From Portland to Belarus.

Tyrants, dirty tricks and lies

Oppose and they’ll cook your goose.


Campaigns, elections, rigged results

People take to the streets

Arrogant strutting fascists

Now peaceful protests ain’t so sweet.


Provocateurs, infiltrators, extremists,

Disrupt and undermine

Inflaming, orchestrating and blaming

Opening up the fault line.


Dividing, confusing, reinforcing

Until nobody knows the truth

All sides believing what they’re told

To sanctify the polling booth.


Opher – 31.8.2020



What starts as peaceful protest is soon taken over by extremists with agendas or those filled with hate and a lust for revenge.

The politicians deploy their goons to use force to clear the streets.

Violence, looting and aggression just play into the hands of those in charge who use it as an excuse, as justification for force.

The underhand tactics used by extremists to stir up trouble. Agents are deployed to incite, to cause damage, to undermine.

Peaceful demonstration turns into rioting.

People and events are manipulated, orchestrated, for political gain by cynical politicians.

It’s all about the polling booth.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – The Polling Booth

  1. But you still vote for them, don’t you, Opher?

    I haven’t voted in 33 years for any politician. Only for one specific thing, Brexit. Which is necessary as a first step in bringing political units down towards a size where the individual has a voice. The USA is too big – as I’ve been saying for years.

    1. Of course I vote Neil. Every time the Tories get in they deliberately underfund public services and give money away to the rich. I want a fairer society. I vote to get those selfish greedy bastards out. I vote Labour because I want a fairer society.
      It’s the same in the States – Trump and the Republicans stand for the wealthy elite.
      Labour and the Democrats are far from perfect, and I am aware that the wealthy establishment buy them all off, but they are less damaging than the Tories or Republicans.
      Not to vote is to allow the establishment to rule unchecked!

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