Entering the Magnificent Temple of Karnak – photos

We headed past the stalls of tourist merchandise and desperate traders. The terrorism that devastated Egypt has frightened off the tourists. Their living had evaporated. My eyes were fixed on the wonders ahead of me.

I could see the great wall of the temple. I was eager to get inside but I also wanted to calm myself down and appreciate everything around me. I did not want to miss anything.

On my right I noticed there was a mosque.

I was very taken with the obelisk, badly eroded but with all manner of heiroglyphs.

Ahead of me was an avenue with rows of ram-headed sphinxes. Back in the days, the effigies of the God Amun would be paraded down this avenue.

A lot of these were quite eroded by time but some were still very clear.

Each one of the sphinxes had a priest  standing between its paws.

This was the beginning. I went in through the gate.

I was confronted with column and rows of more sphinxes.

A number of these seemed less eroded.

I was inside one of the greatest marvels of ancient times. So exciting.

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