Egypt – the Temple of Karnak – Amun’s Temple – photos

Once inside the temple complex I began looking around. There was so much to see and photograph.

The rows od ramshead sphinxs in front of huge columns holding up great lintels.

A great column in the centre and a massive statue of the god.

As I went towards the Temple of Amun I was confronted with a whole row of statues – priests?? Gods?? Pharoahs??

Inside the temple I could see the old decoration. My imagination ran back to when this would have been gaudy with colour and rich costume.

All the walls and columns were carved with hieroglyphics and reliefs of gods, Pharaohs and inscriptions. The ceiling lintels still had some of their decoration.

The columns were enormous – creating avenues of majesty. It was huge.

The walls were intricately carved and decorated. Everywhere you looked there were incredible details to look at.

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