Petra – Photos from deeper into the city.

It would have been amazing to have seen this place back when it was a thriving city. Petra was a centre for trade, back in the time of the Nabateans. The rocks were hollowed out as storerooms and dwellings. There would have been camels, tents and stalls set up all around. It would have been a thriving centre of colourful activity.

It would have attracted the dancers, musicians and snake charmers – all the rich, colourful people looking to ply their trades. Food, drink, and goods of all kind.

Having been through a number of Middle-Eastern squares and bazaars I can just imagine it.

I just adore the organic shapes of the eroded rock with its beautiful striations and colours.

I’m certain Gaudi must have visited and used the structures in designing his buildings in Barcelona.

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