Poetry – They think they’re worth it.

They think they’re worth it.


They think they’re worth it

But they’re not.

They think themselves better

That they’re the big shot.

Arrogantly scheming

To cheat and con.

They think they’re right

But they’re so wrong


Bribes and corruption,

Tools of the trade.

Creaming from the top

They think they’ve got it made.

With their ill-gotten gains,

Their stocks and shares.

But if there’s any justice

They’ll get theirs.


Opher – 8.8.2020



This was partly inspired by that annoying advert where those irritating, arrogant women declare ‘because you’re worth it’.

Equality is something to strive for. Arrogance and privilege is not.

The other inspiration is that even more arrogant bunch of wealthy billionaires who believe they can buy anything they want – including politicians. They bribe, use corruption, threats and intrigue to get their own way.

These are the people causing the environmental damage, running the world into the ground for profit.

These are the tax avoiders, party donors, lobbyists and double dealers, who have no regard for people or nature.

I despise them.

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