Inhumanity – extract from ‘Farther from the Sun’.

I hope for a world where the injustice and ill-founded education do not spawn the breeding grounds for religious dogma or political fundamentalism – where the arrogance, racism and greed, that are the basis behind fascism, are blown away on a tidal wave of tolerance and brotherhood.



My dad was seventeen when he joined up to go and fight in the war. He became a dispatch rider in Sicily and Italy.

He took a knife off a dead German soldier. That knife was passed on to me. It has my dad’s initials and the date carved into the handle. I wonder what it felt like to take that off a dead person?



Some people, mainly my wife Liz, say I am very opinionated. I don’t have an opinion on that.



The men who flew those planes into those buildings were human beings. They planned to inflict pain and suffering on others. They wanted to kill. They believed they were justified.

They were inhuman.

That is true, but they started as sweet ordinary human beings but got all twisted up with hatred along the way. The world is a harsh mistress and the fuck-ups are many. That doesn’t necessarily mean that humans are intrinsically bad. Or does it?


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